Help Why were my contacts old on gmail ?

I had to do a factory reset on my LG Esteem. Then I added my gmail account, so my gmail contacts were imported in my phone. I was happy about it but it wasn't perfect because these contacts were several months old and I didn't have a few new contacts.
I thought that gmail was updating its contacts as soon as a new contact was added in the phone. Am I right ?
If yes, what went wrong in my case ?
I need to know so this won't happen again in the future.


Dr. Feelgood
Sounds like your contacts hadn't synced.

Did you uncheck any of the stuff in your sync settings?

You can also manually sync after you add a new contact to make sure it gets added right away


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I added a new contact in my phone maybe 2 hours ago, but I still don't see it in my gmail contacts.
If I go to Settings - Accounts & sync settings, "background data" and "Auto-sync" are checked. Then under "Manage accounts", I see: "My Contacts - Sync is OFF" and I see "my gmail email - Sync is ON". If I click on the gmail email, I see below the title "Data & synchronization" that everything is checked, including "Sync contacts".
If I click on "my contacts", I see nothing below the title "Data & synchronization", except the button "Remove account". Should I click on this button ?


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No because contrarily to my gmail email (where you can see "sync contacts" checked), there is nothing under title "Data & synchronization". There is only the "remove account" button and if I press on the menu button, I see a new button called "Cancel sync".