Why won't PS3 read my phone?


I'm using the same original cord that came with the phone but the PS3 won't read it.

Shouldn't the PS3 read my phone the same way the computer does? I'm pretty sure it was that way with my Evo 4G.


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if i hook up a phone to my PS3 it complains. (I'll get a message onscreen right in the middle of gaming!!)

use a charger or PC if you need to charge your phone.


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My thinking is that it should recognize the phones pics and videos, no?

I'm going to chargemy evo to see if I was right that it can read pics and videos.

Anyway, I want to use the PS3 to show videos and pics to the family or play music.


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Was trying to have the PS3 identify the Note 2 via bluetooth. Anybody know if that's possible?

Just trying to find out all the potential options. I was helping my friend move into his new house on Saturday and we were just testing the PS3 out with his TV that we had helped him mount, but the PS3 wouldn't pick up the bluetooth signal. At that time, wifi was not an option, since he hadn't had his internet hooked up yet.


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Thank you so much for the links. Can't wait to check them.

BTW, Is your avatar a picture of you?

Yup. Found someone in the forums using it already... He was shocked when I asked him why he has a picture of me as an avatar. :D

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I used skifta to display media from my phone to the PS3.
Now I have an external hard drive connected to my router with all of my media on there. The PS3 sees it as a media server.