Why would I lose internal storage for no reason?


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...At least, no reason I can understand, LOL.

I had 50% storage left last night, and added nothing to phone but a couple photos, which I assume are on sd card, and now my internal storage stat (on quick settings) says 44%.

what uses internal storage besides apps? i deleted my text threads...are my gmail emails stored on internal storage? if so, how do i remove them?

what else should i know/do? thanks so much! (very new to this phone and android...sorry if these questions seem dumb.)


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You need to get a cache cleaner like "1-Click Clear",clean all your caches once a day.


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Yeah, I can build up 10+ megabytes of cache files in a day or two. One click cache cleaner is the app I use to regain that space too.


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You can also lose space to tombstones. They are stored in /data/tombstones/ but you will need root access to delete them.