Will this phone succeed?

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I just saw the post for the official announcement on phandroid... but why? This phone seems like it would've been popular two or three years ago, but it seems that the days of landscape clamshells are gone*. Without some pretty incredible specs, I honestly don't see it doing well. Just MO.

*I only say landscape because Sharp has that REALLY cool portrait clamshell that's waterproof and a 16 megapixel camera and 3D and pretty much everything else wonderful :)


I think this phone has a good chance of succeeding simply because of the carrier it is launching on. U.S. Cellular has several different android phones available, but the current selection of android phones with physical keyboards are underpowered. I think the highest processor speed for any of the physical keyboard android phones is 800 mhz, which means that you can update to 2.2, but you won't be able to run flash.

All of this contributes to at least a decent chance of success for the phone. I am interested in an android phone, but I also want a physical keyboard. At the same time, I don't want a phone that can't deliver flash content. This is the only US Cellular phone that fits my criteria. The fact that physical keyboard phones are still being made makes me think I am not alone in this interest.

I know the HTC Merge is also coming to US Cellular, but the last set of specs I saw on that phone listed an 800 mhz processor as well, which also means no flash.