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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Canesfan, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Canesfan

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    Just like my Galaxy 4 before it, my Galaxy Note 4 will show I am on WiFi before I even log in. In some instance, such as with my home WiFi, my secure WiFi will automatically log me in, but for the more public WiFi's I use at the multiple facilities I go to, my first sentence applies.

    When I do need to log in, often it takes several minutes to get the log-in page to really be on WiFi. It is usually an important WiFi site to be on, to communicate with my office, and engage in some activity for work. This false indication that I am on WiFi is one of the things I really hate about my Samsung dumb-phone.

    I'm sure there is nothing I can do about it. I have disabled smart network switch to no avail.


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    There are two steps in the process of connecting to WiFi. The first is the association step where your phone will negotiate the connection. This requires that your phone knows the network and has the correct key (if this is not an open network). This is what your phone is reporting to you and is a rapid process. However you cannot use the network at this stage! Next the phone will try to obtain an IP address (unless you have a fixed IP which is unlikely) by sending out a DHCP request. The result of this process is that your phone is delivered an IP, gateway address and probably DNS server address(es). When your phone has this information you are online.

    The problem is that it can take a while to get a valid answer to a DHCP request (if you get one at all). I assume that this is the problem in your case. I would have a quick talk with your network administrator or see if s/he knows about any problems with IP negotiation or congestion in your network. If this is not possible then install an app like WiFi Manager. This has widgets that tell you if you have a valid IP address. You can use this to see if you are properly connected. Also, you may see some benefit from quickly disabling and re-enabling your WiFi (as this will reissue the DHCP request without waiting for a timeout period). This is something else that the WiFi Manager widget makes easy.

    Hope this helps...

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  4. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    Eric pretty much nailed it.

    The Samsungs report WiFi Availability if there is one it can hear.... that does NOT mean it is connected... you are misinterpreting the meaning of the information you see.

    The WiFi indicator on the Notification line only means that the WiFi Radio is ON.
    Has nothing to do with "Internet Connectivity".

    I use WiFi diagnostic apps to determine that if my normal apps indicate "no internet available".

    The Samsungs ONLY report "Connected" once the login process has completed, and they only do it once. On my phones, the "connected info shows up for about 3-4 seconds".

    I have a Galaxy 'S', two S5 phones, and a Note 4....

    Every one of them does the same thing.

    I use WiFi 360 pro to monitor what is going on around me. There are other apps, but I keep going back to this one.
    * WiFi Overview 360 Pro - Android Apps on Google Play

    it plainly states in a line near the top of the screen if an IP address is available, and if the internet is connected.
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  5. Canesfan

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    Thanks guys.

    My Samsung though is showing "Connected" when I'm not, and well before any sign-in screen.. That's what I object to.
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  6. AZgl1500

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    There is a difference between being "connected to the WiFi router", and having access to the Internet. Your phone will report "connected to AT&T664 WiFi" as mine does, but that does not mean my ADSL modem has access to the internet, which it quite often does NOT.... that is a privilege we in the rural sticks get to enjoy :(

    I have my phone configured to turn off all web access when the screen is locked to preserve battery life. Then when I unlock the screen, I see "connected to AT&T664 WiFi" every time.

    You also find that a lot at hotels, you have to use a web browser to try and access "www.google.com" ( for example ) and then you get redirected to a web page where you must answer a password question. Irritating, but they use it to stop "Drive by" users on the sidewalk from using up their bandwidth.
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    just adding to the post above... you'd need to be 'connected' to the router in some way, so that you could 'Sign in' to it... otherwise how would the password get from your phone to the router
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  8. AZgl1500

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    True, but I made an "assumption" that password was already known. Don'cha just love the word "assume" ?

    Some of the fast food places advertise their password on the menu.

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