Feb 7, 2011
I have had this problem with this phone since I got it. It will connect fine to a wifi hot spot, but it will not go between remembered spots. I will connect at my house, then go to my in-law's and it will not reconnect to theirs. I have to turn off the wifi and turn it on again, and only then will it find and connect to it.

The same goes for my school. If I connect there, it will stay tethered to one router, and not follow me throughout the campus. But as soon as I turn off and turn on the wifi, it will automatically reconnect. The school uses the same name, but because it's so big, it needs many routers.

My wife's phone does the same thing (Samsung Captivate). My old phone, which is now my wife's, never did this before. It would always automatically connect to remembered hot spots.

Is there a way to fix this problem? I don't know if it's a phone problem or an Android problem. I would like it to connect automatically when in range of remembered hot spots.

-Robert in TX.
I had the same problem with my Infuse, however I just had to exchange it (display problem) and the new one connects with my saved wifi sites just fine. As I move around at work it's picking them up without the need to shut down the wifi. I have not reloaded all of my apps yet because I thought one of them might have been the problem. But with others having the same issue it might be the units themselves.
I had this same problem... a Google search showed that many many people are having the same problem. It's definitely software, because people say switching off the stock ROM fixed the problem.

Amid my searches, I found people talking about an app called "FXR Wifi Fix" that corrected the problem. It's free. I was a little nervous reading the comments because some people said it did bad things on some phone models... but I tried it this morning on my Infuse.

So far so good. It erased all my remembered wifi spots (by design), but I re-added my home connection, and I've left the house twice today and had it reconnect immediately when I came home. We'll see next week if it switches from work to home without having to restart Wifi all the time.