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Wi-Fi Hotspot on Orange working

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thewhizzz, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. thewhizzz

    thewhizzz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Changed ip address to and now all ok :D

  2. That's not worked for me.

    I assume you mean set the IP address on the computer to that?
  3. thewhizzz

    thewhizzz Lurker
    Thread Starter

    no wifi hotspot settings Lan settings set phone ip to the above
  4. flasher

    flasher Lurker

    Didn't work for me. Comes up with a warning indicating a conflict. I dismissed it and tried to turn it on, whilst it says hotspot active, the check box remained unchecked and not working!
  5. croyde

    croyde Member

    I now have Hotspot working and have my Mac and iPod Touch using the Desire's connection.

    I just clicked on my computer's name in manage users.
  6. flasher

    flasher Lurker

    Tried that.........not working with either my Mac or PC! However my friends updated Desire on T Mobile works fine!

    Orange what have you done??
  7. itgoodson

    itgoodson Lurker

    yep what is going on with this?
  8. aragon12

    aragon12 Lurker

    I have the same issue, called orange and spoke to level 2 tech and was told they had been recieving hundreds of calls since the upgrade to 2.2 with the callers not able to recieve data through wifi hotspot i.e. the problem we are all having.

    This issue has been referred to HTC and orange are waiting to find out just whats gone wrong. My guess orange have 'broken' the hotspot wifi feature while customizing the ROM and can not figure out how they have induced the error.

    Tech. confirmed that the hotspot feature should be working without any additional fee and they have not intentionally disabled it.

    Lets sit tight and hope for a software update soon!
  9. itgoodson

    itgoodson Lurker

    thanks for looking in to this
  10. hugh_effo

    hugh_effo Lurker

    found this on another part of the andriod forum, tried and it works a dream.

    * note this only works for branded Desires on Orange.

    Menu/settings/Wireless&Networks/Mobile networks/Access Point Names

    You should see the following three APNs;

    Orange Internet
    Consumer Broadband
    Orange MMS

    Select Consumer Broadband

    CHANGE the APN from consumerbroadband to orangeinternet

    CHANGE the Username from <Not> to Orange

    CHANGE the password from <Not> to Multimedia

    Make sure you use the capital first letters exactly as I've typed them there.

    Authentication type should be set to CHAP.

    Press your Menu button, tap "Save"

    after this both wifi hotspot and usb tethering should work.
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  11. aragon12

    aragon12 Lurker

    Great this is working for me.
  12. flashsam

    flashsam Member

    I've just tried this on my phone and can also confirm that these changes mean that I can now use the WiFi hotspot sucessfully.
  13. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    Do you need that consumer broadband option at all?

    I've only seen 2 APN's on other desires (Mine's T-mobile), and thats one for internet and one for MMS.
  14. chrisnotton

    chrisnotton Newbie

    I only have APN's:

    No consumer anything. My Wifi hotspot doesn't give me internet access on any of these. I can ping the phone but nothing further.

    HTC have suggested a couple of things, which didn't work, and have now asked me to try another sim!

    Pip pip
  15. Hairy Dan

    Hairy Dan Lurker

    Brilliant now working:)
  16. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Android Expert

    Orange and T-Mobile have now merged and Orange users can sign up to have their locked Orange phone roam on a T-Monile signal in the UK at no extra cost. As some of you are on T-Mobile and have working Hotspots it might be worth you signing up and trying this while roaming.
  17. chrisnotton

    chrisnotton Newbie

    Could you give me your Tmob APN details & I'll try them on my phone now I am signed up with Orange to roam on Tmob.

    Pip pip
  18. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    Wont work as you need your home networks settings. You're only roaming, not native to tmobile.
  19. rob_levine

    rob_levine Lurker

    Brilliant! Orange branded Desire with Froyo - this sorted out the hotspot issue. Awesome - thanks!
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  20. chrisnotton

    chrisnotton Newbie

    I was getting really fed up with this. Turning on my wifi hotspot with any APN selected disabled any sort of Internet access on my phone.

    I did not have an APN named "Consumer Broadband"

    but I did have others with the same details, username & password i.e.:

    Name Orange Web
    APN: orangeinternet
    u/name: Orange
    password: Multimedia
    Authentication: CHAP.

    So I duplicated the details BUT named it "Consumer Broadband" everything else is the same.

    Name: Consumer Broadband
    APN: orangeinternet
    u/name: Orange
    password: Multimedia
    Authentication: CHAP.

    I then selected it as my chosen APN & bingo the hotspot worked & the phone still syncs & browses etc. :eek:

    The moral of the story is that Orange wifi hotspot only works with a an APN named "Consumer Broadband"!!!!

    The only fly in the ointment is tha my other preferred APN "Orange WAP" gives me faster internet access for browsing on the phone, I suppose it is optimised for mobile browsing so I have to remember to flip back after using the hotspot.

    Peace at last!
  21. chrisnotton

    chrisnotton Newbie

    Too easy wasn't it?

    With the "Consumer Broadband" APN I can't access any adult sites, like this one!!
    My orange mobile account is set for no adult filtering so what gives. It must be this APN that is filtered.

    Can anyone else access this forum with the "Consumer Broadband" APN?

  22. jakem

    jakem Lurker

    Thank you very much for this guide.
  23. savedave

    savedave Newbie


    I am still having trouble with this - can anyone help?

    (I am new to android).

    I have 2.2 on HTC Desire.

    I have a macbookpro running 10.6

    I have made the changes to Consumer Broadband as suggested earlier in this thread but I still am unable to connect. My computer acts as though it is connected - it gives me a green light and full bars on the HTC network but no websites load.

    Is it perhaps because I have not told the phone that the Consumer Broadband is the connection I want it to use? I have not worked out how to do this. There is still a green light necxt to the Orange Internet APN.

    All advice is helpful and I might just keep the phone!


  24. MF1

    MF1 Well-Known Member

    Superb, now working for me!!!
  25. tilusnet

    tilusnet Newbie

    Thanks, this really works like a charm!


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