Wi-Fi Map Maker - Free

Hi, I have a new app for mapping out your local Wi-Fi connections.
Its fun to use and useful.

A few people say they get Force Closes, but it always works for me ;(
If you get a Force Close I would love to hear from you. It would be great if you could use alogcat (available from the Market) to send me a log soon after the crash.

Please download from the Market now



Here is the blurb:

Makes a map of Wi-Fi access points as you walk around.
* Maps out the actual coverage of each access point!
* Access point names are displayed on the map
* See street address and area of access points
* You can select the criteria for inclusion on your map.
* Info is saved in a database on your phone
* Efficiently supports hundreds of access points by only loading those that currently need to be displayed
* Supports landscape and portrait
* If hot spots overlap the strongest is put on top
This is the free version:
* Has ads
* Only 100 access points are supported


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I'm trying it with my Vibrant indoors. My location is listed as "GPS location is not accurate enough. Currently good to 10 meters." 10 meters should be enough to at minimum be able to see the Wifi connection from within my own home.

EDIT: It found my location but all of the Networks on my NYC block are listed one on top of the other and you can't read the text.

Great app idea though, I would deff. try it out again after you make some fixes. :) Kudos on the app, bro.


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Thanks very much for trying it Richie!
I'll have to add a disclaimer... don't use in NYC ;)

In my travels I have seen it get so messy that you can't read the access point names. But I am not sure what to do about that. It puts the name in the middle of the access point. I thought that it could look around for another place that's available (eg in the top half of the access point) but in a busy town like NYC that might not work either. And that would take extra processing time which is already tight.
The best idea I have come up with is: when the user taps on the map, show a list
of all the access point names at the one location in a menu and s/he can select one for details. But this is tricky to do so it won't be for a while.

On the 10 meters thing. It waits until the accuracy is 12 meters or less before mapping. I just double checked it and can't see how it would say that 10 meters isn't accurate enough. The check is very simple so that's a weird one.

Since nobody here on Android Forums has said they had a Force Close I guess I'll publish it in the Market and see what happens.

Thanks again, Richie.