Help Wi-Fi not working.


Hi, I bought a Backflip last week and i really like it. Problem is that a few days ago the Wi-Fi stoped working. I could not pick up my network at home or at work. I tried to do a factory reset but unfortunatly that did not help at all.

I dont have 3G where i live so Wi-Fi is the only way ( that i know of ) to connect my phone to the internet. As it stands now i cant even use the phone since im unable to log in to my motoblur account.

If i disable and enable Wi-Fi In the settings (I can reach them from the login screen after you boot the phone) i sometimes pick up the network but after a few seconds the phone looses it and it says out of reach.

Is my phone broken or is there a way to fix this, firmware update or something?

Is it possible to connect the phone to internet using any other methods then 3G or Wi-Fi?


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Is it possible to connect the phone to internet using any other methods then 3G or Wi-Fi?

Not that I am aware of, unless PDAnet works in reverse. However it does sound like your wifi hardware has an issue. You may want to test the connection with another wifi device to make sure you have a strong connection, and if the phone will not connect when the other item (laptop, friend's phone...) will, you may want to have AT&T replace the phone for you.


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There's nothing wrong the the wireless network we have alot of computers using it daily.

I bought the handset in Singapore and now im in Africa where i work... Returning it for service is a little tricky. Is there no way to use the phone without signing in to motoblur?

If i can get to a place with 3g is there a way to activate 3G on the phone in order to then sign in?

There has to be another way to start the phone whitout using wifi... what's an APN?


The APNs are the different cellphone internet connection settings configured on your device. If you do not have this properly set up, then you won't be able to connect to the internet from your device. Now, when you say there is no 3G coverage, do you mean there is no cellphone internet coverage at all, or no specifically 3G coverage, which is the specific name of a faster internet connection (vs Edge or GPRS which are slower, older technologies). You can verify this by seeing if another phone (preferably one that is sold directly by the carrier you are using) has a cellphone internet connection of any kind. If it does, then your phone should be able to get online, and it is likely just not configured properly to do so (using the APN configuration). Phones sold directly by a carrier have the correct APN settings preprogrammed by the carrier, but if you use a phone on a different carrier (or even the same carrier in an entirely different area), the settings won't match and you won't be able to get online through the cellphone internet connection (3G, Edge, or GPRS).

The easiest thing for you to do would probably be to call the carrier and ask if there is internet coverage in your area (don't mention 3G specifically, since there are a lot more areas with the slower connections and for your purposes it doesn't matter the connection speed), and if so ask them to walk you through the APN configuration that you need on your phone. If they do not carry the Backflip themselves they might not be able to give you step by step instructions, but you can ask them for instructions based on another Android device if they have one, or just get the information from them and try to figure it out yourself.


I had roughly the same issue. It was my router (D-Link). Got a new Linksys WRT54GL and installed DD-WRT on it and no issues at all. Been up and running for a few weeks now, no issues.