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Wi fi on One X

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Paul_59, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Paul_59

    Paul_59 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi, only had my One X since yesterday.

    Was using it to access the internet via wi fi.

    Sitting in my bedroom, two metres away from Wireless router (Virgin super hub - cable modem / wireless router )

    I had been using without problem for many hours when I had numerous disconnect from router .
    Wi fi analyzer app showed signal strength apparently dropping from -50 dBm to - 90dbm

    I suspected problem might be with the router, made by netgear, but my DesireHD remained connected without problems.

    Eventually after rebooting router and phone I got a stable connection.

    Then tried speedtest app.

    My cable router gives 100Mbps download.

    Via wireless my DesireHD gave best download of 19Mbps today, whereas One X was reaching 25 to 30Mbps via same router and speedtest app connected to the same server

    I would be interested in your experiences

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  2. atemunro

    atemunro Lurker

    I use a Sitecom 300n router. My provider over cable here in Holland gives me 120mbs download and 10mbs upload.

    Speedtest.net on my HTC Desire gives me about 10mbs down and almost as much up
    On the HTC One X it gives me 15mbs - but I have had tests with 25mbs. Again about 9.8mbs up.

    Thats pretty good so far as I can tell:)
  3. Tomo1971

    Tomo1971 Well-Known Member

    The router giving 100Mps download doesnt mean anything, it can only send to your phone what it gets from the modem (10, 20, 50 or 100meg dependant on your service from Virgin).

    If your phone is dropping out, try setting the router with no security (maybe make a simple SSID and hide it) for a little while to see if that changes anything. If it does, maybe change the type of security that the router uses

    Also, could try to change the channel on your router.

  4. NikkiC

    NikkiC Well-Known Member

    I was having problems staying connected to the router and figured out that I needed to upgrade the router firmware. Now it works great. Check to see if you can upgrade the firmware on yours and that might help.
  5. jemlang

    jemlang Newbie

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