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wi-fi tethering questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by flipboi2damax, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. flipboi2damax

    flipboi2damax Newbie
    Thread Starter

    how will sprint know if i am tethering? and also if they do find out, what will they do?

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  2. pwabbit

    pwabbit Android Enthusiast

    They don't know. I have been tethering for two years, no problems. They might have an issue if you go over 5gb per month. Otherwise, no worries!
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  3. stonefly.1978

    stonefly.1978 Lurker

    I am rooted and running Ultimate Dream 3.2. It came with a tethering app on it. I have tried toset it up and get it working but I must be doing it wrong. Since both of you are tethering would either one of you being willing to give me some advice?
  4. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    If you use the moment wifi tethering app (formerly m900 tethering) by Lou Ziffer there isnt anyset up, unless you want to add security or change the ssid. If its not working get rid of dearma's crap and get a better rom. More specifically a better kernel.
  5. pwabbit

    pwabbit Android Enthusiast

  6. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    Yea, thats the app im talking about, piece of cake to tether once you get a kernel which supports it.
  7. lgmayka

    lgmayka Newbie

    Can anyone recommend the simplest way to support Ziffer's Wifi Tether app? It looks like rooting by itself is not enough--I need a kernel that supports wifi tethering. Which kernel is as standard-issue as possible except that it has wifi tethering support?

    Ziffer's web page doesn't give any guidance except a pointer to this enormous forum.
  8. dbspartan52

    dbspartan52 Newbie

    u could use two of them that works really good and has all the netfilters so u would be able to use the wifi tether. you could look up joeykrim-sdx-a2.1-root-v7.zip file and the recovery is joeykrim-sdx-recovery2.1.3 which is the .tar file and then you have noobnl-radioactive-froYo-romv1.8.9 which comes with the m900 tether already installed on the rom just use the recovery .tar to flash the phone before u install the zip file to the sd card. You have now a rooted phone with wifi tethering abilities
  9. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    Neither of which are kernels.....

    The three kernels i have used to tether with are meatkernel, vampirefo, and littlejh's kernel. If you are using M900 its just a matter of using a kernel with the netfilters and the app does the rest. Just be sure to go in the settings of m900 and check the underclock to 266 while tethering. Makes the phone slow as hell but reduces likelihood of a data lock while tethering (don't worry, when m900 isn't running the clock speed returns to normal). The forum to which you mentioned has a kitchen you can use to download and update.zip to install any of said kernels (among other things). Go to the kitchen, pick a kernel (and anything else you see that you want to install) and click download. Place the update.zip file on the root of your sd card, boot phone into recovery mode (vol. down + call + end) and apply .zip from sd card. You can check the kernel you are currently running under Menu>about phone>build number.
  10. htcman724

    htcman724 Android Enthusiast

    correct but with any custom rom you get a non-stock kernal most of the roms either use meat vamp or littles kernal so by flashing one of the custom roms you DO get a new kernal.
  11. htcman724

    htcman724 Android Enthusiast

    a quick question for you are you a dev,have you made your own rom or kernal? if not please don't be a jackoff by calling someone elses stuff crap!!!!!
  12. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    Actually yes i have made my own ROM, with an average of 8 MFLOPS in linpack which rivals anything dearma's ever did......and mine lasts more than a day with heavy use, and over 2 days with light usage, and it also doesn't reboot itself 5 times a day. Try that with any of the dream roms.
  13. htcman724

    htcman724 Android Enthusiast

    ok which rom is yours i would like to try it.
  14. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    Ask and thy shall receive....


    If you are going to install it i recommend flashing back to 2.1. This contains recovery 3.1.1 (thanks forcytos), vampirefo's kernel, the deodexed template, and froyo jit so you will need to reboot a few times after installing to settle it in. It also comes equiped with noobnl's cdma lockup fix v5, launcher pro (needs to be updated, the .apk is old), and a good portion of bloat removed. Also a custom boot logo/animation with the sprint anim. removed. Cheers.

    Edit: Posted on SDX....see link above.
  15. momentandroid

    momentandroid Newbie

    are u on sdx?
  16. jellychen

    jellychen Lurker

    well, it's easy! you can try to make it.
  17. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    Yes, i am on sdx....see link above, or below.
  18. momentandroid

    momentandroid Newbie

  19. dntesinfrno

    dntesinfrno Android Enthusiast

    Lol yea, i edited that post but must've forgot to save it :p

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