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Wi-Fi wont stay connected and wont reconnect after internet outage.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dillon Derbowka, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    Internet outages are not all to common with my ISP, but there are times where dropouts and storms kick it down.

    What I seem to find very frustrating is sometimes my phones will not reconnect to the WiFi after an outage.
    It says "Internet Not Available, Wont Automatically Reconnect"
    Well obviously it works after the service has been restored, but then I have to go to all my Android devices and reconnect them.

    Is there a way to disable automatically disconnecting from WiFi? I have data yes but if the Internet goes out and I desire to use my data, I would switch off WiFi at that time. Otherwise internet or not, stay on WiFi.

    Any suggestions here?
    My devices:
    ASUS P01MA Tablet (2)
    Kyrocera Duraforce Phone
    ASUS ZE551ML Phone
    Samsung S8 (2)

  2. Dannydet

    Dannydet Extreme Android User

    Rebooting the router should fix the issue
  3. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    You've listed your phones but the source of the problem appears to be more centered on your WiFi. Please state which ISP do you use? Are you using an ISP-supplied modem/router or do you have your own router?
  4. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    Access Communications is my ISP.
    They supplied a modem for me as we have an Enterprise Network (Home/Small Buisness) But the issue doesn't just happen at home. My neighbors have a modem supplied by my ISP. (Same ISP) And they have the same issues.

    We have never had to reboot anything as we've simply manually reconnected our phones and it works.

    We only have the problem when we have a service outage. The phones think Internet will never be there again and simply refuse to connect.
    If the phones would just stay connected and ignore the times of an internet outage and wait for it to restore, I wouldn't be complaining.
    We never have to reboot everything just for the Internet to start working.
  5. psionandy

    psionandy Extreme Android User

    From what you are saying.. it does sound like router problem
  6. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    No it's not. I know that forcertain.
    It's the phones. We never have issues unless the Internet goes down. And thats not the fault of the router. We went 2months without an outage and it stayed connected.
  7. psionandy

    psionandy Extreme Android User

    BUT the internet going down, may have an effect on the router... You are having the problem, and your neighbour with the same router are having the problem.

    I understand you may think the router isn't the issue... but how can you know "for certain"?
  8. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    My router doesn't broadcast Wi-Fi. Our Cisco WLC 2504 sends it to 2 Access Points. The neighbors has a different brand of router but the issue is the same if I use theirs.

    Modem is Hitron CDA3
    Router is Cisco RVS4000 Small Buisness
    SG300-10 Port Switch (Managed)
    WLC is Cisco 2504. No web page redirect.
    Windows Server 2012

    None of which redirect internet when it goes down, if thats what you're thinking.

    If the Internet goes down, pages dont display. That's it. No redirect. Nothing else. Its just dead. Can watch the modem and when it goes back online the internet works normal for any device that simply stayed connected. And the exclamation mark disappears aswell.
  9. psionandy

    psionandy Extreme Android User


    do you loose wifi connection after the outage?

    so what can you ping?
  10. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    Here is when the Internet is completely fine.
    I will unplug the Internet cable to simulate an outage on my next reply after I post this.

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  11. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    With Internet Down.

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  12. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    Only if the Internet goes out the phones disconnect. If they don't know it went out (say I wasn't home when it went out and came back before I came home) it would connect as if nothing happened in the first place.
    Obviously the tablets which would have been home during the instance, they would most likely be disconnected and would say 'No Internet, won't automatically reconnect'
  13. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    In some cases if the Internet was out for a very short instance, say 1-3minuets, They wouldn't give issues and likely stay connected. But usually extended outages. That's when I have to reconnect things.
  14. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    I still contend your issue is with your WiFi network, or perhaps your LAN set up. Taking into consideration you've got multiple mobile devices from different manufacturers (which will undoubtedly contain different WiFi chips internally with correspondingly different network stacks), for all of them to have the same problem triggered by a cable outage would be a very rare occurrence. If it was just one or two identical devices than yes, but not when it involves so many different types and makes. A typical setup for most home LANs is a modem (cable or DSL) >> wireless router while your set up is a bit more involved with discrete network devices. Is the router or the Wireless LAN Controller the primary gateway for your home network? With your mobile devices to have so much problem re-connecting, it sounds like there's an issue with the gateway. Something is changing enough in the basic networking each time there's an outage that your mobile devices aren't just able to detect and re-connect.
  15. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    Its not necessarily all of them. The Kyrocera Duraforce and the ASUS phones are the worst. I rarely use my tablet but will find it on occasion doing the same.

    My Samsung S8 is too busy being on me and I have never paid attention as I merely half the time forget to turn on WiFi when I get home. I am not 100% certain the S8's will actually disconnect, I have seen them saying 'Connected, No Internet' but I do use local resources not Internet related the majority of the time.
    More commonly I turn it off because it connects to my carriers hotspot networks if I go downtown. I wish I can remove them.

    Here's a better description on my network.
    The modem is the modem all that does is make it possible to get online. I dont touch it. Its my ISP's not mine.
    CISCO RVS4000 is the Router. No Wi-Fi capabilities. It has VLAN1 as our Private Network. It's only role is firewall and port forwarding. No it does not do DHCP on VLAN1.

    VLAN2 Is a Guest Network, it does DNS, DHCP and all those goodies for that network. And it Skipps Windows Server 2012.

    Windows Server 2012 is incharge of alot of what goes on. It's roles are, AD CS (Active Directory Certificate Services), AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services), DHCP, DNS, File and Storage Services, IIS (Internet Information Services), NAP (Network Access Protection).

    The Cisco WLC is incharge of managing all Access Points and client accocations. We have 3 SSIDs, 1 runs WPA2 Enterprise (For laptops on VLAN1) 1 Running WPA2-PSK for the phones tablets and smart home devices, also on VLAN1.

    The other is a Guest SSID which is VLAN2. It runs WPA2-PSK, and just has straight Internet. Nothing more.
    And yes I have even went as far ad putting the problem device on the Guest Network so it has less to deal with. No difference.
  16. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    So your computers(Windows?) don't have this problem, it's only your Android phones and tablets? What about Apple iOS devices? Maybe it's a DNS problem, try using something like OpenDNS? https://www.opendns.com/
  17. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    Computers will only show No Internet Access during the outage's. They are never affected. They stay connected for aslog as they are on.

    We still do our office work hassle free. Such as printing and word docs, remote desktop, logon/logoff all hassle free. We can do anything we want aslong as its offline until the Internet is back. And we will notice it back when the cone is gone on the computers.
  18. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    We don't have any iOS devices kicking around. I may have an iPhone 4 somewhere. I'll look for it.

    We've been using OpenDNS for years, and have a subscription for it aswell.

    And yes just Android that I have noticed. Seems whenever it checks for internet access, if it cant get through it says 'Nope not connecting anymore'
  19. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

  20. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    Ill try that. But highly doubt it would be a DHCP issue. I confirm that works even with the modem unplugged.
  21. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    Got around to unplugging the Internet Cable between the modem and the router.

    Heres a breif of what I did:
    After removing the connection to the Internet. I went to the WEB GUI of the WLC where I waited for the devices to leave the network.

    Heres what Happened:
    The Kyrocera Duraforce was the first as usual to leave. And I found that upon seeing the WLC logs (Attached). So I focused more on this one as my tablet and the iPhone hadn't left the network yet.

    Along with what that phone said, 'No Internet Access Detected, won't automatically reconnect.' Like the picture below.
    So I connected it again. 2 minutes later. Repeats.

    Assigned this device a Static IP via windows server. No change. Deleted that.

    So I reconnected it, DHCP, DNS all that stuff showed up. So I sent a word document to the printer. Had no issue doing so and printed fine. Accessed offline webpages from Windows Server. It showed them in seconds. But it decided to leave the network after a while again.
    Tried it on the Guest Network. Same scenario but just no local resources and No Internet. And it disconnected.

    Checked my Samsung S8 as that was the next I noticed. It had an exclamation mark beside the WiFi and had LTE beside it. But was still connected. Didn't decide to leave the network. But I did disconnect it and reconnected it several times and had no issue doing so. Just didn't have internet. But could use local resources.

    At this time I went to my laptops. No Internet Access. Opened chrome. All local pages loaded. Just nothing online. Disconnected the laptop. And reconnected (repeatedly). Had no issues doing so. Other then No Internet Access.

    Tablet was connected. Didn't say anything about Internet. Strange as it did last week. But I did recently upgrade the software on it.

    iPhone simply had a check mark and never seemed to have issues.

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  22. Dillon Derbowka

    Thread Starter

    The Chromecasts I will also mention did stay connected the entire time. Just just had a Blue screen that said 'Living Room TV is connected to (Mynetwork SSID) but can't access the Internet'

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