Wi Fi


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I am new the Android world. What exactly is WiFi used for on a mobile device? Does it speed up the internet? Would it help get my gmail emails faster?


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I use wifi for podcast downloads mostly. it would also be useful if you are buying an album on amazon mp3 service-that can take forever on 3G. of course, it depends on your home internet speed as this may be the same or slower than 3G at times.
I don't think it will get emails faster, since those files are relatively small.


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You'd use it for the same reason you'd use it on a laptop. My 3G speeds hover between 512k and 1Mb, my home DSL is 6Mb, work's is 10Mb. Most public internet connections are faster than 1Mb. Your downloads will be faster, and you don't use your data over 3g.


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great question, also why would do people use wifi on droid rather than 3g?

My very first (But not my only) thought is when I am waiting at places like VIP Auto while they work on my car. I can't get a signal inside the building, but they offer their customers free wifi. :D
I use my over 3g whenever i can. It is faster and you dont use as much of your vz data since the majority of peeps have a 5gb limit. But you will have to be using your phone alot to get to that limit. A lot of wirrless hotspots are password protected and some arent. But when you do connect to an anonymous hotspot, just be mindful. of what you send over that connection.