Dec 11, 2021
I'm trying to import my old contacts and want to do this via vcard on an sd-card. I don't want to do it with any cloud solution.

Therefore a few questions:
1. Is it possible to import a vcf-file with more than one contact in it ? Thunderbird exports the whole
adressbook and it would be cool to import all 350 contacts at one stroke.
2. It seems that the version of the vcard is important. It looks like version 4.0 files cannot be imported, but versions 2.1 and 3.0 can. I could import the two examples that are written on the German Wikipedia site for the vcard.
3. Is there a complete list wich properties are included ?

greets and thanks for your answers
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You can certainly import a vcf with multiple contacts in it. That's what android contacts apps will produce if you tell them to export their contacts.

I don't know about vcard versions, as I've never had to think about it because I've never met a file that my phone wouldn't import.