Help Widget Help

I am seeing a bunch of widgets out there that I really want, but can't seem to get get them, even on the 2.1 update. I'm hoping people have found ways to get them, and can point me in the right direction.

From Motoblur:
Facebook widget where you only update your status. I know there is already the main one where you do your status and it shows you random other people's. I don't care about that, I just want a status update bar as shown on the blur.

From Incredible:
Contacts Widget: Shows contacts with big pics like the brady bunch
Bookmarks Widget: Like above in style, but shows page links
Calender Widget: Just a full screen calender

Calendar Widget: download PureGrid its roughly 1 dollar has 5 different large calendar widgets including 2 full screen ones plus it has a ton of different skins and you can adjust the transparency also it sinks with google calendars