Widgetlocker issues?


Widgetlocker was fine, but then I flashed the newest Android Revolution ROM (Sense 5.5 w/ Kit-Kat) to my HTC One and now for some reason anytime I use Widgetlocker or the widgets on it, it only opens to the homescreen.

I only use Dashclock and the Jellybean locker. So, for instance if I use the locker to open to my messages app, it'll go to the homescreen instead.

Dashclock works just fine on my homescreen and the default locker, and I've tried other widgets and it seems to be a widgetlocker issue.

I've sent an email to the Dev about it, but I thought I'd look for help here too.

And sorry if this is the wrong forum, still getting the hang of things.

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If you head to Settings - Advanced in WL, is "always unlock to home" checked?

The WL Dev is really responsive btw, I'm sure you'll get a response from him (he has an account here too iirc)


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No, it isn't. And trust me, I checked every setting but I couldn't find anything.

Incidentally if I unlock with the normal unlock and not one of my buttons, it works just fine.

EDIT: Checked again, no it doesn't. It used to though, but I guess now it doesn't. Everything takes me to the homescreen.

I also signed up for the beta, the latest of which was supposed to have some Kit-Kat fixes, but it didn't fix my specific problem.

I'm not sure if it's an issue with the ROM or Kit-Kat, but something's wrong here.