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Widgets constantly get stuck, do not update fully.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Adamx, Jun 1, 2010.

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    And I'm not just imagining this, more likely (from my pov at least) is that other people are denying a problem due to wishful thinking.


    Anyways, here's a full description of the problem.

    Widgets aren't updating. Sync is on, mobile network always on is on, wifi enabled (though that doesn't or shouldn't matter) etc.

    htc Weather widget: Doesn't update unless I switch to the widget and wait, and half the time that doesn't work unless I hit the refresh button anyways.

    geniewidget (htc news and weather): Gets stuck on a single headline and won't get unstuck unless I force close the app, remove the widget, and re-add the widget to the home screen.

    friendstream: Sometimes updates partially, but never fully, and I end up missing a lot of updates unless I manually refresh every few hours.


    These three things are important to me. I don't like waiting for the updates by doing it manually, it's a waste of my time, but something is broken on the htc incredible. I don't know if it's the OS or the hardware or what, but it needs fixing. Widgets do not update like they should. I know the settings in and out, hopefully people will trust that this isn't user error. I'm not looking for common advice like given in the linked topic above.

    Maybe if you know some trick to making them work, or have noticed the same behavior, chime in. Otherwise htc needs to be made aware of this, because I am betting it is a sense related issue.

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