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I've only recently switched to Android (after being stuck with a hand-me-down iPhone) and I'm loving it! Even though it's a very basic phone, the range of customisation is brilliant, and it's far better value in my opinion.

However, there is an issue I am having, and from my research it seems to affect many people with many versions of Android as early as 4.4 (KitKat).


After an unspecific amount of time, the widgets stop updating; and it seems to usually be triggered when the phone locks. Clocks stop turning, countdowns fail to change, and from what I've heard from other people - even online widgets like new feeds will fail to update completely (I say completely, because one person had mentioned that the pages that his news feed would link to updated, but not the images representing them).

EDIT: Opening, adjusting and saving the options for widgets seems to fix some of them for a while. But others will only update upon saving and then immediately stop again.

Diaval - Android Template.png

Here you can easily see the battery and clock do not match the widget in the centre.


1. Trying different launchers - as well as the default launcher (I use a Huawei Y3 II, if that helps)
2. Enabling the "App Lock" for the widgets (but this only seems to affect the option windows that they open)
3. Disabling for apps/features/options that try to automatically close apps (for resource saving).
Such as those from:
> The Launchers I used (currently "Evie")
> The Lock Screens I used (currently "ZUI Locker")
> The default apps (including Phone Management)
> The Settings themselves

So far nothing has worked. I don't mind going without widgets, but I'd like to see if this can be fixed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
All advice is welcome, though I hope someone out there knows the specific cause(s) of this problem - and more importantly - a solution.

PS: My apologies if this is a duplicate thread, but I have only seen threads (and many) for specific widgets / phones / launchers and versions of Android - when this seems to be an issue affection Android as a whole.
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I have no idea if it was something I did... but the widgets seem to be working again. The refresh rate for some is a bit slow, but clocks are updating within a minute of the system time.

I currently have the widget apps protected, and when they would stop I'd open the settings app, save them again, and close the settings app again.

For fear that this is a fluke, I've made a backup of everything on the phone, and I'll keep an eye out for events that cause the widgets to stop. I'll reply here if I find a cause



Try to find and disable battery managment for saving energy. Helped on mine Meizu M3S.

I am ashamed, because it looks like it was just a coincidence. Widgets are still frozen, even after Battery Usage Monitor turned off. Even worse, after restert of device they didn't load completely.Something bigger on the way...
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Nope. It load actual data for the moment of adding. Then it not update nor work at all. I have shortcut widget to the app for quick access for buying bus ticket. I have to remove and add again to use widget. Nonsens.

Partial solution:
App for which widget is have "Always running" in Power managment for background running settings. Fixed for me, but I know that on "normal" devices you can use "Smart background" (polish "Inteligentne tło") for Apps and widgets still refresh.