Wife is 1.5 and I am v3....


Ok - so I have been on the v3 ever since Caddyman posted (thanks again Caddyman!!!) and my wife has refused to let me touch her phone which is still on 1.5...

SO, this morning she gets up and there is a system update on her phone...I have yet to install it as she wants to make sure everything is backed up before she does (have told her I did)...

Reason I am posting this with the many other threads -

I bought both phones at the same time so it's not a purchase thing...we, obviously, live together so it's not a geographical thing....the ONLY difference is that I am on v3 and she wasn't.

Don't know if any of that has been established yet but there are about 2,000 replies to the different threads on the topic and didn't really have time to read through all of them...just wanted to get word out to the best android forums on the web...btw, we are in VA

Off to my parents house with the kids and hopefully i can update her phone over there and will let you know if there are any differences (from what I gather reading what I did - I don't think there will be)...

That is all - please resume waiting for OTA...oh, and those WERE the droids you were looking for...

Props out to OTD, Caddyman, Frisco (love your posts man!), Smacky, and the others - great forums, great people on here who will help you out in a second....HAVE A GREAT SATURDAY!


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....the ONLY difference is that I am on v3 and she wasn't.
That's the only difference ? Do they have the same MEID and IMSI numbers ? People shouldn't jump to conclusions like this without thinking of all scenarios.

By the way, my wife's Eris is still on 1.5. Like your wife, mine refused to let me "hack" it, as she calls it. I'm on v3 leak. Her phone has NOT rec'd the update from VZW either... Remember, some reports say it will take up to two weeks, 10-14 days. Here we are on day what, 3 or 4, and people are making assumptions.