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Wifes G3 died, now have Samsung V7J, no contacts

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Fred_Smith, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Fred_Smith

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    Wife's g3 suddenly died. She was supposedly synced to the google cloud. Verizon tech spent less than 5 minutes looking at phone and said it was dead without any testing. Talked her into a new Samsung J7v for her (that was not in stock). While waiting on new phone, I swapped the sim from her g3 to an old motorola razr Droid M we had. she immediately noticed that the contacts were gone. We the new phone 2 days later but could not use the sim from the old g3 sim as it is too big. She activated phone, etc, but the contacts are old like they were not updated in over a year. Pics from cloud only go back to April, yet she had stuff on g3 from last summer. Now not sure what to do.

    I did just order a new battery for the G3 to rule that out.

    Not sure what to do now.

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