Help wifi 3.6


I got a 3.6 refurb from for $99 for its compactness... not too pleased. When done with internet radio, i turn off wifi, but then cannot turn it back on without reboot. The display is dim for outside at full brightess due to non standard screentype. I didnt charge the battery right away, and now it only reaches 85% and falls fast. Well, i like the compactness, but it seems a poor value compared to my other sgps... wonder if the old 4.0 is any good?


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Kidding aside, I thought the refurbished units were supposed to be pretty good, having gone through double inspections, etc. I'd take it back. Can you take it back.. "buyer's remorse?" Or is it too late.. or on sale with a "no returns" tag? .. etc.


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it is not that it is a refurb, the 3.6 IS inferior to the other galaxy players in MANY ways. You just touched on a few. ( I have all 4 players in the sgp line, including a new and a refurb 3.6) I too purchased the 3.6 for compactness. The funny thing is that the difference in size between the 3.6 and the 4 is so minimal ( less than 1/4" in length, width is the same) that it makes NO difference is usability of the device. The 4 is a far superior device in EVERY way, mainly the screen quality.:mad: It makes no sense at all to get a 3.6 over a 4. I found that out the hard way.


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Thanks, i got a 4.0 refurb (in spite of it seeming to get more expensive and hard to get after your post), and it is a sweetheart. Now i have all 4, and love all but the 3.6