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WiFi and BT?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TrueFangz, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. TrueFangz

    TrueFangz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This last weekend, I tried to stream music from my phone to my Bluetooth speaker. Seems like only one or the other worked, but not simultaneously.

    Phone was connected to my WiFi and I was able to stream music from the Music Choice app, but when I connected the phone to my Bluetooth speaker, I seemed to have lost all WiFi connectivity. it kept telling me that my connection timed out. I couldn't even get on Google Play, or even get to any websites using Chrome browser. I disconnected Bluetooth and everything was fine regarding WiFi and web usage. Reconnected Bluetooth, and same issue. I had to resort to playing local Mp3's from my SD card, rather than streaming from the web.

    I have streamed music from the web before onto my Bluetooth, but that was with a 4G connection while I've been driving, I've never been able to accomplish this with WiFi.

    SO does Bluetooth interfere with WiFi- is this a common issue, or just something funky with me?

  2. xaelith

    xaelith Android Enthusiast

    I think you may have a defective device. In theory, there should never be a problem with WiFi and Bluetooth being used simultaneously because both work on completely different bandwidths. In practice, I've streamed a wifi connection to either a Bluetooth headset or speaker several times a week since getting my Note 3, and have had no issues thus far. But who knows, maybe I'm the odd-one-out?

    My best guess is that something is physically shorting out the wifi when BT is turned on. Has your device come in contact with moisture or been dropped since you've had it? Has the problem only developed recently, has it always been there, or is this only your first time trying to run BT and wifi together?
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  3. TrueFangz

    TrueFangz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your reply.

    I haven't ever dropped the phone, nor has it come in contact with moisture. I'm not sure how long this issue has happened. I don't believe I've ever gotten it to work, but have only tried a few times. I'll try again tonight when I get home.

    I also posted a thread a while back about bluetooth in my car. I can play local music to my car's built in bluetooth, but can't with youtube or any other video, but I used to be able to, and I haven't been able to pinpoint why I can no longer do it? When I try, the video plays for a second or two, with no audio, then it pauses itself. When I turn the bluetooth off, the video will resume just fine with internal audio on the phone.

    So I'm not sure if this is related. I've had the phone since the first day it was released in October for Verizon. Never rooted or mod'd.
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

    I would definitely say that something is wrong, the device should have the capability to have BT and Wifi on at the same time.

    I would suggest to perhaps perform a battery pull on the device, then afterwards if that doesn't work you might want to try a factory reset, which will erase all your data.

    If that doesn't work then it's a hardware issue.
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  5. TrueFangz

    TrueFangz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well after quite some time since I last tried this, I tried it again today. After several reboots during the last week and a half, (I tend to reboot every couple days) Still no luck. I did do a battery pull today and left it out for a couple minutes, then connected my WiFi and my BT speaker, and streamed from the "Music Choice" app. About every 20 or 30 seconds, the music would stop for 5-10 seconds then resume, and repeat this over and over again. Disconnected WiFi, and everything worked fine with my 4G connection. Reconnected my WiFi, same as before. Disconnected my BT speaker, everything worked fine. Reconnected my BT speaker, same as before. Played local MP3s from SD card to BT speaker, everything was fine. So I've narrowed down that I only have this problem when streaming to BT using WiFi internet streaming as I suspected.

    I DIDN'T do a FDR. I totally dread that, so I guess I'll have to live with this issue for a while, which isn't tooooo upsetting, but still kinda lame.

    Thanks for everyone's input!
  6. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

    Yeah that is still really strange...

    Have you thought about trying a different BT device?


    Have you thought about resetting your Router/Modem. Also trying someone else's Wifi?
  7. TrueFangz

    TrueFangz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Other than my home BT speaker, I only have my car's BT. I suppose I can try that in my garage. I haven't tried resetting my WiFI router as it works just fine with all wireless devices in my house.

    My wife has a Note 3 through Tmobile, so I'll try pairing her phone to the BT speaker also and will see if her phone works or does the same thing.

    I'll report back with results.
  8. TomWho

    TomWho Newbie

    Yep. No connection between Bluetooth hardware and WiFI.
  9. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

    Looking forward to what you report back with :)
  10. jshus

    jshus Newbie

    There have been overwhelming reports of apparent hardware trouble after the Note 3 update to Kitkat 4.4.2 - from Signal reception to wifi and bluetooth issues. If you didn't have trouble before the update, this may well be the problem. I've addressed this under a signal issues thread.

    You may well find, as I did, a sympathetic carrier rep who will get you a replacement warranty Note 3 and exchange out your old one after backing it up. The replacement should come with the original 4.3 OS installed, which worked great for all of us from the get go. A Samsung rep in my Verizon store rather quietly suggested they know there's an issue. and Verizon blames Samsung who blames Google for the new Kitkat prob's. It could weeks or months to get an OS fix perhaps in 4.4.3, but those of who need to use our phones in weaker signal areas are outraged. BUT my replacement phone with 4.3 works just fine. It too wants to upgrade itself to 4.4.2, but you don't have to let it. You can stay at 4.3. The new 4.4.2 OS installation file is downloaded to a "cache folder" that you can empty. When phone is off, hold Vol UP button, Menu button and Power button at the same time. It boots into Recovery mode and gives you a half dozen choices. Choose wipe cache. And then the reboot choice. When the phone returns to operational mode, you'll see the ornery Install new OS message, and now when you hit Install, you've beat the system. Phone will turn off as though it's about to install 4.4.2 and put you back into the previous Recovery mode. But doesn't do anything. Hit reboot. You'll now get a message that the OS update failed. Yay! Have to do this every several days to stay with 4.3, Jelly Bean. You can't otherwise go back to an older OS without Rooting.
  11. TrueFangz

    TrueFangz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well I did the dreaded FDR yesterday, and after installing all necessary updates to the stock apps, I tried again and thought I fixed the problem. I was able to go 5 whole minutes of streaming music over WiFi to my BT speaker. After 5 minutes, it went back to it's annoyances of cutting out. 3 seconds of music, 5 second pause over and over again. I tried this on my BT speaker and the BT audio in my car. Same cut out lag in the car. I did a speadtest with WiFi and BT on, and results were under 1 meg down and about 2 megs up. With BT off, ran spead test again on WiFi, and results were 29 megs down and 8 megs up.

    Also been having really poor voice signal at my house where about 20% of my day at home is no signal. This of course makes my battery drain fast. After the FDR, I had 9% time with no signal at home. So I'm thinking it's a hardware issue with my phone. My wife has the Note 3 through TMobile and she has better reception than I do, side by side on our couch. I haven't had a chance to test her WiFi and BT yet.

    My phone is a company work phone, so Rooting is definitely out of the question. I did talk to my IT guy and he suggested basically what you are, about calling a customer service rep. He said he and I can call together since it's a corporate account, and since we have a 1 year warranty on my phone which expires in October, I may be able to get them to send me a refurb. Well my thoughts on that aren't too exciting. I always fear that you never know what you're going to get in return. Back in the day a coworker of mine had neverending problems with his Droid Bionic. He went through 5 of them in 2 months before he got one that wasn't a lemon. Uggg. I don't want that headache.

    I've also been told that any replacement phone VZW would send would have the newest OS equipped, so I don't think I'd have any luck getting JB back, and will be stick with KK. Hopefully Sammy will push out another update to fix the radio issue, as it seems many VZW Note 3's from the first release have had antenna issues.

    I never tried the WiFi BT streaming before I got KK, so I'm not sure if the update made a difference or not. As far as voice signal, I think it's gotten a little worse. I don't remember having as much downtime with JB.

    That's what really irks me. When you update anything on android, there's no restoring back to older versions of the OS, or any app that I know of, unless of course you are rooted. Because of that, I'm always nervous when I see any updates come through for anything now. I guess I could just opt out and not do any of those updates, I'll just get annoyed with the notifications though, and the thought that I may be missing out on cool new features.

    I try to rely on other users feedback to updates before I update mine, but it's so diverse, I never know what to believe. Everyone seems to have their own likes/dislikes.
  12. jshus

    jshus Newbie

    Hi, Again,
    Get the warranty replacement if you can!!!!
    I did and it was a perfect Note3. AND it came with 4.3 on it!!!! That alone solved my weak signal issue as I said above. I feel like I've got my Note 3 "back again" now and I don't have problems getting or making calls in weaker signal areas.
    Here's what you MUST DO assuming it comes with 4.3: After you've backed up your old phone and reinstalled your stuff: It will want you to update to 4.4.2 Without rooting, you can deflect 4.4.2. But you MUST go into "recovery mode" and "empty cache" when the update message occurs. The update file is stored in the cache directory and you can't empty it any other way (without rooting.) Press the UP key, the Menu key and then the Power key from off and it will boot into Recovery. Volume down to the Empty Cache choice and hit the Power key to choose it. You'll get a message saying emptying and the downloaded Update will be gone. Reboot. When the Note 3 comes up, you'll still get the message asking to Install the UPdate now or later. You can say NOW. Phone turns off. Process stops and FAILS all by itself because there's no update file. Phone turns on and a message says, ooops, failed and you can now go for a few days w/o the annoying message and stick with 4.3
    IF YOU ROOT, you can get access to the SDM app which can be seen under Apps , All. From Rooting it can be renamed and the UPdate will be gone altogether as it needs Smart Device Manager SDM to do the Update. I've done this now for 3 weeks and until Sammie releases a trustworthy update like 4.4.3 or some temp update and everyone says they're happy again, I'm sticking with 4.3 and won't need to root and still have a usable Note 3. Let me know if this works for you. I'm hoping the NOte 4 and Android L in Spetember will be prob free, or the big Nexus 6 in November.
  13. TrueFangz

    TrueFangz Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    How long ago did you get your refurb? I'm fairly sure it'll be impossible for me to get VZW to send me a note 3 without 4.4 pre-installed.
  14. jshus

    jshus Newbie

    My previous Note 3 updated to 4.4.2 in May like most others with Verizon. The Verizon rep went to bat for me and got me a replacement on July 17, a little more than only 3 weeks ago. Yes, it seems like a replacement Note3 would have been upgraded to 4.4.2 but it wasn't!!! If you can get one, go for it and follow what I said about not letting it UPdate from 4.3 to 4.4.2. I've done a lot of homework on the issue to get the point where I could write it up. But both Verizon and Samsung reps know there's a Kitkat problem, with the Samsung rep admitting it while I was in the store and he said Verizon blames Sammie and they blame Google. I hope 4.4.3 or 4.4.4 or 4L fixes our Note 3's but I'm not moving off of 4.3 until word filters down thru these posts that any new OS is ok. T Mobile Note 3's are just now upgrading to 4.4.2 and seeing the same issues months after we did, so Samsung hasn't come up with bug fixes and we end up with a lot of "broken" Note 3's that used to work just fine. FWIW, the Note 2's with 4.4.2 haven't had these prob's!
  15. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

    Still so strange that I don't have this issue.

    I do get random cut outs in the Wifi, worse than usual, but nothing with BT that would be a cause for concern.

    I know awhile ago that Chromecast kept crashing after every song which was really annoying, but it came and went almost like it wasn't related to the phone at all...:thinking:

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