Help Wifi and other issues


I am having issues with my wifi and also some random reboots.

I am rooted and S-off. I have VM htc 3D.

This issues persists across many attempts at roms, from the 1.13 stock rooted rom to the latest rom ( all roms i tired are VM stock rooted )

I can connect to the wifi if i stand right next to the router, but 10 feet away I loose connection. My wife has the same phone as me, but it was never rooted. I ran a wifi analyzer on both phones at the same time and the wifi signal strength is the same on both, yet hers works perfectly.

Any ideas? I can provide more details if requested. Like I said I have tried many VM roms with the same result, each time I load a rom i clear cache and the dalvic cache ( miss spelled ) i have never boot looped.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I was going to say bad antenna contacts, but if the Wifi Analysis app says that the signal strength where you have no connection is as strong as your wife's at that same point, it's not a bad antenna, a bad radio or bad radio firmware.

Try one thing. "Forget" the connection. Power the phone off. Turn it back on. Then connect again. If that fixes it, you had corrupt data in the connection information. If not, it's going to take a well-equipped RF lab to determine the problem. The manufacturer might just spend the effort (and it's going to be considerable) to diagnose the exact situation just to make sure it's not something that can happen randomly during production. But you'll probably pay for a repair (if you have no warranty covering such a situation or a deductible if you do) and get sent another phone.

I've designed these things and can't figure out too many possibilities - and they're all in the realm of "probably can't happen, but ..."

You don't ask the easy questions, do you?


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I tried almost every attempt i found via google.

I did re-try 'forget' and power cycle, same result.

I did try before changing the channel on the router, same result.


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I should have said this during my 'bump' but this all seemed to happen after I installed some power saving apps.

Any Ideas?