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WiFi and Wife don't get along :)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rajaji, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. rajaji

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    Just got a Bionic last week, and certainly it is outstanding. I was quite upset when the battery died in 4 hours on 4G, but on 3G, it goes one day and one night easily. Tap on Menu, then settings, applications, then battery usage, and the phone tells you what's eating the battery. It said Bluetooth took 30% so I have turned it off as I only use it in the car.

    Anyhow, a few months ago I got an iPad, and my wife accused me of finding a wife replacement :) So now I have another WiFi dependent device, as I only have 3G. While walking outdoors, I used Pandora and stuff, and found I could run up 200 MB in one day of sound streaming. So I'll be around the house playing with the Bionic, and I know what my wife is going to say...yet another toy that minimizes her in my life!! Darn, wish I could use more of Tune In radio and Pandora while in the gym but I guess I'll have to limit that to 2x a week as I'm finding out 2G gets eaten up fast while streaming!!

    By the way I wish there was a way to stop those beep alerts when I get emails (for texts I like the alerts) but there's no way..you get alerted to all available accounts, looks like.

  2. messenger13

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    HuH?! I don't know a single app that doesn't allow you to turn off notifications ... stock or third-party. Are you talking about the stock email app? You can turn off status bar notifications, and change the ringtone to "silent", the second choice in the Android ringtone list.


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