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wifi AP handover/switching

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by simbill, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. simbill

    simbill Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey all. Rooted captivate running 2.2 froyo on at&t. I have a wireless network at home with 2 seperate 802.11N access points. Same ssid, same security, same channel. Works perfectly for wha i need it do, except on my captivate. Is there an app out there or a code that exists to help my phone take advantage of multiple APs for a single network? I hVe to manually disconnect wifi and reconnect to the other AP when the main is too weak (distance). Ive done.some research and found a couple of threads on the interwebs, none with a solution. Any help greatly appreciated

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  2. shoman94

    shoman94 Newbie

    Why don't you setup the other AP as a repeater so it is seamless?
  3. simbill

    simbill Newbie
    Thread Starter

    router A (main router connected to cable modem, giving out ip addresses via dchp, etc) is a netgear wnr3500l running dd-wrt. router B is a POS wnr2000 that cant seem to hold its own weight when used as the ROUTER. its running stock netgear firmware (upgraded of course) and has options for WDS. But, the wds is difficult to set up using wpa/wpa2 because of multicasting the keys and such, so its necessary to drop my security down to WEP, and re-configure all my devices, which to me seems counter-productive. A loss of security using wep and a hard-as-hell to memorize wep key. PSK is so much easier.
  4. Virtual69

    Virtual69 Newbie

    My captivate works the same way. It's annoying. My old 3G iPhone properly switched to the strongest AP as I walked around.

    I've now upgraded to Cog 3.04, I'm hoping that will roam properly.
  5. simbill

    simbill Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My previous blackberry bold 9700 would automaticly switch.. Even leaving my home and driving around town would result in endless wifi switching. Come back home it would connect before i got out of the car. It seems with my cap ive gotta turn off wifi and turn back on so it looks for new networks
  6. mrnserv

    mrnserv Lurker

    Same problem here. Wireless router/access point and 2 other access points so I have an access point on each floor of house. Each has same SSID but unique spaced channel. Both my Captivate (a2.1) and Galaxy Tab (a2.2) lock on first AP they find and then will not switch even if there is a stronger AP when moving around the house. Computers, iPad, etc all switch to stronger AP but Captivate and Tab do not. Usually only way to get to find new stronger AP is switch off wireless and back on. Sometimes they still want to switch to the router/AP combo and not the dedicated AP's only.
  7. simbill

    simbill Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm glad to see somebody else has the same problem and realizes that this is an issue with the android. I'm hoping to see if someone has a script or some type of app that will automatically rescan on a given interval and connect to known/saved networks, but be able to connect to the strongest one.
  8. Virtual69

    Virtual69 Newbie

    Has anyone tried this with the Andromeda ROM? The description says it has WIFI drivers from JPX. Not sure what that means.
  9. werds

    werds Newbie

    This would be awesome the day someone made it work like such :(

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