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Wifi Authentication Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Colin Malazdrewicz, Mar 29, 2020.

  1. Colin Malazdrewicz

    Thread Starter

    custom rom, not sure if I can "code" out the problems somehow to get the wifi working again on this custom rom? Cyanogen installed by a friend... good thing I only paid 80 for the phone tho. but still it would be really nice if I could fix this wifi issue..

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  2. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    So support for CyanogenMod has been discontinued, which version is your Galaxy Alpha running?
    Could you be more specific about your WiFi problems?

    If it's just not some configuration/set up matter, some other more extreme options are to move on to Lineage, but I don't know how well Alpha phones are supported so that may or may not be a fix for your WiFi issues, whatever they are:
    or just re-flash your phone with a stock Samsung ROM, which would return your Alpha to its original, non-rooted state with a stock Recovery. But a stock ROM will assure all your phone's hardware has its corresponding drivers and firmware to function properly, along with all the necessary software.
    https://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/search/galaxy alpha/

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