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WiFi Buddy BETA: Need Better Battery Life? Try Wifi Buddy!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by tr.slate, Jun 9, 2010.

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    If standard wifi settings are the light switch in the house of Android, Wifi Buddy is the electrician that installs a dimmer. While the standard Android wifi settings are useful for the basic necessities, they lack a feeling of finer tuning that some users want. Things like making the wifi go to sleep when the handset is inactive to save battery, or simply a more efficient way to view in-depth data about wifi signals are overlooked by the built in Android preferences. This is where Wifi Buddy makes itself invaluable. By installing and running, you are instantly given access to more choices about your phone and how it should run without needing to be familiar with hacking or rooting like those nerds (and myself)! Upon opening Wifi Buddy you are shown an advanced wifi scanner which includes information on how the wifi signal is secured, what channel the signal is running on, and the signals SSID and BSSID, and more. In addition to signals currently surrounding you, it also remembers past connections you have made for future ease. After connecting to your signal hit the "Preferences" button below the scanner display and take a look at the advanced settings Wifi Buddy specializes in. Things like choosing scenarios of how your wifi should should shut off are now at your fingertips. Those looking for maximum battery life would be well advised to tweak this setting, as it definitely helps get through long days with your phone still powered. Other settings include being able to adjust frequency of wifi scanning, also a help in extending your battery, and some shortcuts to standard network settings like vpn and wifi network. It should be noted although Wifi Buddy is superb at giving you advanced settings, its real power lies in working alongside of other great wifi utilities. By pairing it up with apps like StatusToggle, which adds a incredibly helpful switch to turn wifi on/ off right in the notification bar, you get a super-efficient on battery, custom way to turn your wifi on and off from any application. Best of all, neither Wifi Buddy or StatusToggle will drain the bank as they are both available for the low-low price of FREE.


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