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Wifi calling .. on/off switch

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by smjm1982, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. smjm1982

    smjm1982 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    First, the request:

    A simple on/off toggle switch which works by simply pressing the shortcut icon. I see apps for Wifi, I see Bluetooth, but I don't see Wifi calling.

    Please, not one that's oversized and doesn't look like it fits well with the others, but one that's about the same size.

    Why I need, want & use this:

    (this is why I save this for a second; it's a lot of reading but then you'll understand better why I want this toggle)

    First, I usually don't like wifi calling but in certain cases, like in hotel rooms, where sometimes the reception is unpredictable , I used one phone as a wifi hotspot in the strongest place and the others, I go on to it via wifi calling... I have t-mobile & it works very good.

    But when I leave, I don't want to have to go digging thru menus to turn it off.

    I know there are some options such as cellular preferred, wifi preferred, or WiFi only...

    Cellular preferred, is not that good because if there is any cellular signal in the hotel room it won't stay connected to the wifi for phone calls.

    Wifi preferred is not good because as I leave the room if I just leave this as a choice & enabled, anytime it sees any wifi signal, even one that I'm not connected to, it won't even let me do anything on the cellular network, not even send a text message.
    Even with a cell signal with bars, it will say I have no cellular connection. I have to disable the wifi in order to use the cellular network.
    WiFi only, this is exactly the perfect choice, because it's only a temporary situation while I'm on vacation, but I want an easy way to just turn it off rather than ng through menus.

    Finally, I'd rather hassle juggling through the settings menu then have an icon that stands out as an eyesore, compared to the other ones so please, again, an icon thats the same size as the others.

    As an example, I really like curvefish's widgets, I the right size, easy to use, use them all the time.
    If it has to be an app shortcut rather than a widget, consider, for the icon size & for a functional comparison, BranTec Apps.. Wifi Hotspot toggle. I use that, and it works very well too.

    So in conclusion, please, please, asking for a same size as the other icons, wifi calling toggle.


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  2. scooby56

    scooby56 Lurker

    Basically you want to be able to record a sequence of events and have a single button carry them out? like turning on/off settings... have you looked at something like MacroDroid app

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