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Wifi Calling Support - Honor Play COR-L29 and ATT prepaid.

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by jumper_d, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. jumper_d

    jumper_d Lurker
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    Let me preface my question with a huge "I HATE CHANGE!!!".

    I have had this Honor Play for almost 3 years. It has been an absolute joy to own. I can do sys admin work with no issues, and cast to my monitors and everything. It even supports my USB hub/dock so it has been a main tool in my daily work grind. It supposedly supports wifi calling according to Hawei(spelling). I know it is not a super popular brand here in the US, but really I find it's 260 price tag lovely and it is every bit as fast as some of the 1000 dollar models. With all that said. ATT supposedly enabled prepaid customers to have wifi calling and text messaging. So I called them to get them to add that to my account. They said it was on, and that I might need a new sim since mine was 3 years old and to stop by a shop and grab one on them.

    BUT, I am being told that it should work without the new sim from others that have it working on their identical phone with same carrier. Is there something that I am missing? I live rurally and my work takes me out in the middle of no where sometimes and it would be great to have wifi calling so I can have a little better connectivity.

    Again, I am ATT prepaid, and Honor Play user. Any chance one of you folks have experience with this combination?


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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    sorry i'm not quite sure i understand why you can't go into att and get a new sim card.....sounds like that might fix your issue.
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  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Do you know if the Honor Play is actually supposed to support WiFi calling with US carriers, like AT&T? Because AFAIK this phone was mainly distributed in Asia, like India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Where carriers don't provide WiFi calling services, and so for this these countries, phones don't have carrier WiFi calling included. Same with phones intended for mainland China, they don't support carrier WiFi calling. And "29" in Huawei's variant codes means it's an international model, rather than specifically for the US. e.g. variant code "00" is China.
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  4. jumper_d

    jumper_d Lurker
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    I don't know...well I do sorta.

    I know my phone has settings for wireless calling but not accessible through standard means, I cannot drill down through settings to find them, instead I have to ask google to "take me to my wireless calling settings"...or use a third party app to access it. It seems to be a hidden menu inside the network area where it should reside. AND according to the manufacturer's recent 2020 update log they added functionality for all wireless calling...which was previously only available on certain carriers in certain places. SO, supposedly yes, it supports it and while it may be a International model(which I did not know, it was totally sold to me on Amazon 2 years ago as a US phone for US carriers including 100% support for AT&T). I have literally never had this phone not be able to do a thing I wanted to do until now...and really the only reason I want wireless calling is because my bank is being lame and not allowing Authentication for phones via anything other than text...and I live in the boonies with no signal for MILES...and it would be nice to use text/talk features on my phones that supports all my blue tooth headsets.

    Anyway I digress. Thanks for the hint though. I will be visiting the AT& T store and trying a new sim out, to see if it is the 4 year old sim card I am using or not...it is from my old phone and it is BYOP(bring your own phone...sim). We shall see.
    Thanks again.

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