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Support Wifi calling?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mikejaret, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. mikejaret

    mikejaret Member
    Thread Starter

    Can anyone confirm if the sgs4g has wifi calling out of the box


  2. Mine does. the minute I turned on wifi I got a tutorial popup about wifi calling and how it works!
  3. gggirlgeek

    gggirlgeek Newbie

    You do mean T-mobile's version of "Wi-Fi Calling," yes? Just be aware that this is not traditional Sip service where you can bring your own Voip provider. This is just a quick way to enable T-mobile's voip service if you don't have cell phone service in your location, but you do have high speed Internet. It still uses your cell phone minutes, it's useless over the 4G network because that would be dead in the same area.

    To enable your own Voip service you need apps. Sip Droid and Csipsimple are two I'm checking out but haven't great success so far. Not simple at all, and apparently Google Voice hates them. But admittedly I haven't tried very hard because I had to buy cell minutes to get the Android. (I'm using Sipgate BTW and like them it a lot on my Nokia.)

    When is Android going to give us native Sip settings like Nokia's Symbian? It's not difficut at all. Methinks the wireless networks have talked them out of it. Hmph!
  4. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Extreme Android User

    Which will work just fine. I get to places where there is no bars. That solves a big problem and Skype for a family member moving overseas covers the rest.
  5. Joetwos

    Joetwos Newbie

    Mines had never worked so I delete it.
  6. daryld

    daryld Lurker

    After a tremendously high cell phone bill which Tmobile refused to deal with in any meaningful way with me, I have canceled them. I relied heavily on wifi calling when out of the country. A Tmobile rep told me if I upgraded to the newest firmware and a new sim card I would get better wifi reception. I upgraded and my wifi calling went down completely. I then had to go out of country and use my phone and got billed for every second I was on.....if I hadn't believed the Tmobile rep and not upgraded I would have been fine. The phone has bugs in its wifi capabilities. I have unlocked the phone andam now looking for a good wifi calling phone as this one is not....

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