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WiFi connection managers and OS WiFi management

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Helix751, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Helix751

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    Oct 26, 2012

    Oct 26, 2012
    Hi all

    This has somehow been asked in another thread, but does not fully cover my problem.

    The fact is I am still searching for an integrated solution to the following (simple?) issues, which btw were completely addressed in my old Blackberries:

    - I have a WiFi hotspot (who doesn't?) which I wish to connect everytime I get there.
    - There's a public hotspot in my building, accessible in the lobby and reading room, which I wish to connect on demand, but not automatically, because I live in the 3rd floor and sometimes connection is made to the poorest signal (the public one) in my own appartment. A connection priority feature wwould solve this but the Android OS doesn't have it built-in.
    - There's a WiFi hotspot at work which has very poor signal inside my own office and uses to drop all data connection (even 3G as WiFi has higher priority) when connection is established. With this one I need to set it to "manually" connect when signal is strong (ie. in a meeting) but not automatically as the OS tries everytime. Forgetting the network is not a solution, as I'd need to enter the key everytime I need to connect.
    - Connect to public/other saved hotspots when in range (GPS based) and turning off WiFi after a period of inactivity/no network in range.

    Blackberries had the following simple features:
    - WiFi networks could be individually set to connect automatically or manually (much like Windows). A manual network could still be saved along with its key and connected on demand by clicking on it.
    - The network list could be arranged by connection priority, so the topmost networks would be tried first and then the following ones.
    - A tiny app (Auto WiFi) which turned on/off WiFi based on GPS location and battery level.

    In my Android I have unsuccessfuly tried every combination of the following:
    WiFi Ruler
    WiFi Manager
    WiFi Auto On (GPS location based.. great idea but I live 3 block from my office and location precision cannot be adjusted so it believes I'm still at home when instead sat in my office)
    WiFi Connection Manager
    WiFi Power Saver

    Is there any app that could manage to address these issues?

    Thanks in advance


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