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General wifi connection problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by highfive, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. highfive

    highfive Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 2, 2011
    Hi guys,

    I have an issue with my z1c regarding the wifi:

    If I leave the wifi on and leave the routers' area and then get back in the area, the phone cannot connect automatically or manually to saved routers. I can only connect after I restart the wifi on my phone.

    Is there anybody out there who's experiencing the same problem or has a fix for this?


  2. suparuss

    suparuss Well-Known Member

    Have you got Location Based WiFi turned on in Power Management settings?

    It's basically a feature that saves power by turning off WiFi in certain locations. Sometimes it doesn't work as designed.

    Try turning the feature off, see if that helps.

    Settings>Power Management> Location Based WiFi - OFF

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