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WIFI connections for my WM8650

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AcidRaine108, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. AcidRaine108

    AcidRaine108 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just got a 7in wm8650 last night. I have been trying all morning to get online via my wireless home network. It searched for and found the network, I have entered in the passwork for the network, but every time I try to connect it to the network, it just won't do it..... It's making me crazy!! Obviously my wireless router is working because I am posting this from my laptop, not my desktop, so this is just adding to my frustrations. Any suggestions??? :thinking:

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  2. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Android Enthusiast

    Make sure that the settings on the tab are set to automatic. If not, then try punching in each field manually.

    Other than that, make sure you get the passcode right, sometimes it starts off on a capital letter on the keyboard.
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  3. tannim

    tannim Newbie


    Download this, stick your microSD(or whatever SD) card into your card reader/writer, run the Changer.bat to select your tablet specifications. Flash Uberoid onto your tablet. It will be better in every way than what your tablet came with. Hopefully it hepls with your wireless, if not, no harm done and you still have a better tablet than you started with.

    There is a newer one on the site, but currently it has trojan issues. Your current firmware probably has a trojan built in by the tablet maker too. Most WM8650s spy on you and send app and visited webpage details to a chinese server. This should not affect your wireless in theory.
  4. lucsp

    lucsp Lurker

  5. jumpjack

    jumpjack Newbie

    With FixMyWiFi... my wifi even stops esponding and I am no more able to even find networks!
    Without it, I can see networks, but I can't connetct to any of them, open or close.
    I was told it depends on local settings in a .dat file: which are the proper settings for Italy?
  6. misssfoxxxxx

    misssfoxxxxx Lurker

    i am having problems with my android wm8650 it shows my wifi connection but i cant get online
  7. misssfoxxxxx

    misssfoxxxxx Lurker

  8. tannim

    tannim Newbie

    Move your tablet to within 5 feet of your router. Now try to connect. If it connects, move further away and try to connect(download a picture or something).

    If your tablet is like mine, you have a working range of about 10 feet for your wireless connection.

    Installing Uberoid helps a little, but other than a little more stable connection, it doesn't affect range. It may be that buying a wireless USB adapter with the correct chipset and plugging it in could work, but I can't promise it.

    These things are cheap for a reason, they are basically garbage that can do a few things.
  9. tytor

    tytor Lurker

    I have trouble connecting to the Internet I have a Telstra Elite it say it conect ok but noting happen, I need help bad.
  10. dellyv

    dellyv Lurker

    i bought my son a chinese wm6850 for a xmas present and its unable to scan for networks ive also tried inseting the euthinet lead also a huawei e169g dongle and im getting nothing when i go to the advanced settings its coming up mac adress unavalibe but my daughters works perfect any ideas how to get it running before xmas cheers stressed mum :)

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