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Dec 12, 2009
Southern CA
Droid 1 I am able to connect to my actiontec router in my home. After a while I seem to lose conectivity. This can be corrected by going into and back out of airplane mode.
I have other wifi clients such as netbooks and notebooks and none of them seem to have the same problem. If it matters I use wpa 2 security. I cannot find any set up item on either the phone or the router to overcome or eliminate this problem. I have experienced this with several different ROMs and kernels.

Does anyone have any advice that might help me?
You're in the rom section so i assume you are rooted, switch roms?

I have tried 3 different ROMs; SS, CM, and LIQ, both froyo and gingerbread. With stock and alternate kernels. Always the same result.
At present I am trying app wifi fixer...we'll see if it helps.
I have had this same issue with everyone telling me to do the same thing...
There is a fix that I found, and should fix any issues for you.
However, I do not take credit for this, I found it while searching for the wireless issue.

Wireless stopped working - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

Here you go!

This should work! I had the same problem, and did this and it worked.
If you are referring to the broadband update, I found it and installed it since the original post. So far it is good, but I am not going to shout EUREKA until a few more days without a loss of wifi. But thank you very much for your suggestion. I noticed this is your first post in this forum so allow me to welcome you and once again say thanks.
I reverted to baseband 3E from 41 and found essentially the same thing. Eventually the wifi will drop and I will have to intervene. The Wifi fixer program will occasionally restore the wifi, but just as often I have to go in and out of airplane mode.

In addition to basebands, I have tried other ROMs and kernels, to no avail. I have other wifi clients that manage to stay connected (or be connected everytime I look) so I doubt that it is my wireless setup. I will visit a friend's with wifi to see if anything changes.