Dec 26, 2012
I was using my tab2 on wifi without a problem for 6 months and then this morning I was using FTP and all of a sudden the transfer stopped which I thought was a remote problem but then noticed that the wifi on the tab 2 was off. I tried to click the icon to switch it back on and it goes a dim green with no green underline and then goes back to grey again. I tried to switch wifi on from the settings area - it says its trying to start and then puts the wifi back to off. Please don't tell me this is a router problem as I know the router is functioning well and the fact that the tab can't switch wifi on or scan for networks says its that which is at fault. Has anyone else experience this or got any suggestions on how to fix it. I am assuming its dead hardware but wondered if anyone had any suggestions. I have factory reset it and the problem persists. Is there an official rom I can flash it with that would be worth trying