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Wifi Error - Please Help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lacian K, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey Guys, completly new to this forum. And fairly new to the Rooting/Flashing Firmware etc side of stuff.

    Heres My Problem.
    Anytime I Try To Connect My Wifi I Get, "Error"

    I recently Updated My Xperia x10 to 2.3.3, Then Decided To Root It, Install xRecovery And Then I Installed Wolfbreaks 2.3 ROM.
    I had afew hiccups along the way, but always got passed them.

    I Saw on a previous thread a guy was in the almost exact same position as me and fixed his problem by removing security on his hotspot. I tried this but no joy..

    My Wifi And Data Were all working completely fine with this new ROM. Then I Decided to Flash 3 .zips using Xrecovery to boost my phone:
    Bravia Engine And Xloud(add on for wolfs rom)
    Google Apps(youtube, maps, Flash etc)
    Flashfix(this was needed after flashing google apps)

    After Reboot, My Wifi No Longer Connects(in fact, not just not connecting, i cant scan for wifi spots) I just get the message "error" but my Data is still working perfectly.

    I think if it has nothing to do with this then, Busybox may be the problem. That was acting up with me aswel.
    I installed busybox when i flashed rooted my 2.3 Gb update. it says "BusyboxVersion: 1.17.2" i think. Then on my Busy box app, it says "You dont have BusyBox, So i TRIED installing it. And it told me i actually did have versions of it. And that happend everytime.

    before trying to install it says- No Busybox
    During trying to install - You have busybox

    then after flashing the .zips i tried again, i THINK it worked, But now when i try to open the Busybox App my phone freezed for afew secs and nothing happens. Sorry if ive just ranted out alot of useless info.

    Any Suggestions, Links to threads or anything would be helpful.

    Thank you in Advance. - Lacian K


    Just Checked My Busybox App Again. Now its saying,

    Current BusyBox Version:

    It must have installed then =)
    Still have the same problem with Wifi. Its the same when i try to turn on hotspot tethering.
    Just wer it would say

    Connected to (Modem)"

    It says



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  2. beau420

    beau420 Android Expert

    I would try without the Sony Bravia and xCloud.

    If I were you I would start from scratch again, but this time test after each update to see if wireless still works.

    Something must have messed up during the install and flashing.

    I highly doubt Busybox has anything to do with it.

    Whatever you did must have messed something up along the way.

    Problem is, the quickest way of fixing it is to simply start again.
  3. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    this is the same problem im having. it all started after i updated busybox but i dont know if that is the problem.

  4. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the replys guys.
    Im convinced somethings up with my BusyBox anyway. Is there anyway to completely uninstall it?

    id rather try that first because I hesitate to risk starting again flashing it etc, I was almost convinced I bricked it but miraculously pulled through.

    Il definetly start from scratch again if needs must but I think that would be my last resort.

    Oh infact, just had idea. I made a backup on Xrec. Il try restoring that, see wer that gets me then ill try bravia and xloud again and confirm if thats the problem.

    And ric, I notice u have this problem to, but I thought yours was fixed when u changed your security settings? And also, do u have Bravia Engine and xLoud add on?
  5. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    yes i thought so to but today at my work i tried it and it doesnt work again. im at home just now and still nothing. dont want to reflash but will if i have to. cant remember if i flashed them, think so sound certainly seems louder but dont know where to check for it or bravia

  6. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    To check for bravia and xLoud add ons simply go into settings then, display for bravia and sound for xLoud. They are both at the top in each menu and autoticked. And they do both work btw, especially xLoud. Let me know if you find them.

    Did u flash the google apps.zip and flashfix.zip aswel?
  7. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ps ric. Ever since you flashed onto wolfbreaks Rom. How has your battery life been? Mine seems to drain pretty fast on idle. Im goin to try a calibration soon. But just wondering if your suffering more of the same symptoms. - Lacian K
  8. Jcol

    Jcol Newbie

    Lacian - I'm going through the exact same thing as you describe. I updated to WB 4.04 and WiFi was working fine. Then yesterday I saw the BusyBox installer icon in my app tray and being curious I clicked on it. It gave me the option to install 3 versions and I selected the most current. It installed fine however soon after I noticed that I had lost my WiFi. Since BusyBox gets installed automatically with Wolf's rom I guess reinstalling it on top is a bad idea. I'm going to try installing each of the earlier versions to see if that gets WiFi going and if that doesn't work I think I have a backup of WB's 4.00 or 3.5 that I'll reflash. BTW Wolf is also about to release V5 so if that comes out today perhaps installing it will fix this as well.
  9. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the feedback. Have you flashed Bravia and xLoud aswel? Or the google apps pack?

    had no idea he was releasing V5. Il definitely go check that out.

    But thts you me nd angel, starting to look like it was busybox that did this.
    The only reason I tried to install busybox as coz I watched the tutorial for getting wolfs rom and the guy installed it through the app aswel before the bravia add on. So thts why I did. -Lacian
  10. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    If busybox is the problem, does anyone know how to uninstall it? Even if its a laborsome process and I have to do it manualy file by file. Id like to test without it
  11. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok guys, im just about to do a Restore in xRec. Il get back on asap tell you how it goes.
    After this ill go through the stages one by one and confirm if its bravia or busybox.

    Wish me Luck! -Lacian
  12. Jcol

    Jcol Newbie

    Bravia and Xloud are included in the ROM. I believe somewhere Wolf mentions that you should not have to flash any tweaks to the rom as they are all there. As far as Google apps pack I'm not sure. All the Google stuff that I need such as Gmail. Maps and Market are there.
  13. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I read that aswel but, i couldn't see Bravia or xLoud anywhere. So i flashed the add on.

    And google apps, it was for youtube, maps, flash etc. It took me a while to relise i was missing these apps.

    Wel, ive restored in xrecovery. Wifi is back to normal. Im gona flash the add ons now without touching busy box. Il let you know how it works out.
  14. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok guys heres my verdict.

    I restored my Back up i made of wolfs rom in xRecovery before flashing the addons.
    At this stage wifi was working fine.
    So i flashed the 3zip files in.
    Now im on wolfs rom with bravia xLoud and all the google stuff.
    Wifi is still WORKING.

    My conclusion-
    DON'T attempt to install busybox!

    Keep in mind im not a professional at this stuff, but this worked for me.

    Just try flashing the wolfbreak Rom again through xrecovery(if you didnt make a later backup) That should do the trick.

    I hope i helped. Keep me posted on how it goes =) good luck guys.
    beau420 likes this.
  15. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    sorry i havnt got back sooner ive been backshift at work. havnt noticed any particular difference to the battery life since flashing wb's rom. will try to have a look at busybox over the weekend

  16. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    ok just decided to uninstall busybox and guess what, hotspot and home network both worked first time. think that must have been the problem all along

  17. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Nice one =D

    How did u "uninstall" busybox btw? Or do you just mean the app?

    Either way, good to see that your fixed.
  18. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    yes sorry, i deleted the app. i cant remember if its already in wolfbreaks rom so i suppose if it was then it could have been clashing with the app version. had slight problem this morning with loss of 3g but after reboot seems ok. will keep you posted

  19. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yeah thanks man. So far so good on this end. Wel, when I first tried wifi it said, "limited connectivity" but thats all gone =D so did u check if u had bravia and xLoud? Id definitely recommend them
  20. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    i think i did,everything seems louder but i cant find any trace of it nor the bravia thing. think ill just reflash them

  21. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Wel, if youve got them they are

    Bravia Engine: Settings->Display
    xLoud: Setings->Sound

    Both at top of each menu and autochecked.
  22. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    they were on my sd card. not sure if i flashed them before and wiped whilst flashing rom or just didnt get round to it. thats it done now anyway and the music now sounds louder through the speaker

  23. Lacian K

    Lacian K Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Good stuff, u got wolfbreak V5 yet? I downloaded the one with custom kernal phones never been better! No idea if its Bravia and XLoud compatible yet. Gonna find out =)
  24. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    just downloaded it last night, havnt had a chance to do it yet. is it justa straight wipe and flash. have the custom and stock version and xloud and bravia v.5 so will try later

  25. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    0k, thats me done it. wolfbreak 2.3 v5 flashed and also xloud and bravia v5 as well. all going well so far, will keep you posted


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