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Wifi galaxy note 10.1

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by southcarol, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. southcarol

    southcarol Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I cannot connect to my home wifi with my galaxy note 10.1, although it works on my galasxy s4 and on the laptops. Is it a problem on the tab? What could I do?

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  2. jlbattagli

    jlbattagli Newbie

    Could be any number of things, but the first to come to mind is your router settings. Specifically, check your security settings for MAC filtering; if your tablet's MAC address is not listed on the router filter, your tablet will see the router but be unable to connect.
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  3. southcarol

    southcarol Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I probably need an instruction for that :)
  4. jlbattagli

    jlbattagli Newbie

    Well, first things first. So a couple of questions:

    Does your tablet actually see your home wi-fi?

    Is there any sort of error message when you fail to connect?

    Can your tablet connect to other wi-fi access points (work, coffee shop, neighbor's wi-fi, etc.)?

    What type of wi-fi router do you have at home?

    Do you manage the settings on your router, or does someone else?

    What security measures (if any) are you using on your wi-fi router?

    Last but not least, is the wi-fi on your tablet turned on? :D

    The fact that your other devices can connect does narrow down the possibilities a bit.
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  5. southcarol

    southcarol Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My tablet sees the home wi-fi. It is password protected and as I give in the password (the correct one :) ) it says "Authentification", "Saved and Secured" but the is no message that is connected, like it shows on the phone. It can successfully connect to other points.
    And I have no idea what kind of router is that and I am not managing the settings on it...
  6. jlbattagli

    jlbattagli Newbie

    OK then, that does sound like a router issue. I'm no network guru, but on my home router I get similar results when a device tries to connect but is not on the MAC filter approved list - even with the correct password. If this is the case, whoever handles the settings on your router (usually password-protected) will need to make sure your MAC address is on the approved list.

    Your MAC address is a unique number to identify your device and can be found by going to:


    It will be in the format A1:B2:C3:4D:5E:6F, although obviously the values will be different.

    The MAC filter is an additional security option used to help prevent unauthorized users from accessing your wi-fi connection, by limiting access only to specific devices. If this doesn't fix your issue, then I'm afraid I'm out of ideas (told you I'm no guru :) ).

    Good luck

    Edit: In case you don't know, "Menu" is in the upper right corner of the Settings>Wifi screen - looks like three horizontal bars stacked on top of each other.
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  7. southcarol

    southcarol Lurker
    Thread Starter

    You lost me on "setting the router". I think this small white box has 5 or 6 lamps on it and one button. How do you set up a router? :thinking:
  8. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Android Expert

    Do you have the manual to the router? You access the router settings through an internet browser in most cases. Generally type the address or URL of the router. It'll ask for username and password which is usually defaulted to admin/admin (which should have been changed when first setting up the router).

    Once logged in, find a tab with security settings and look for MAC address to add.
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  9. jlbattagli

    jlbattagli Newbie

    You may have to check with whoever set up your router, as there are a lot of different ways to set up different brands of routers. Hopefully it was a friend/relative; otherwise it was likely your ISP that set it up and you should check with them. But an ISP would be unlikely to set up MAC address filtering. They may still be your best bet for getting your tablet online.
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  10. mrex

    mrex Android Enthusiast

    And if your friend has set up your router for you and he/she has set mac-filtering enabled, ask him/her to set it off for the future. It is useless - protects nothing really (=mac can be cloned so easily) - and only causes gray-hairs in the future. A password protection is enough, mac doesnt provide more protection.

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