WIFI Issue


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All of a sudden (after 2 weeks) my wifi shuts off all by itself whenever the screne shuts off. To turn it back on I have to go to settings and turn it back on. When I look at the WIFI widget it indicates it IS on, but it is not.


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Dan Droid from anther forum send me the following and he was right on target:

"Press the Menu button and go to Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Wi-fi Settings
- Once there, press the menu button again and select "Advanced"
- Select "Wi-fi sleep policy" and make sure "When screen turns off" is NOT selected. If it is, change it to one of the other ones."

I never knew that there was an "advanced settings option". It was set to shutdown wifi when the screen shut off. WFI had worked fine for 2 weeks and then today this started and I have no idea why. But, changing the setting definitely solved the problem.

All's well that ends well !!