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Dont know if this is the right spot but I have noticed that the WiFi isn't working right, Seems like it doesn't have a good signal from the router. I have CM9 installed and yesterdays nightly. If I boot into webos it is getting a good signal but when i boot in to ICS the signal from my router goes in and out and is weak. This was working fine up until a few days ago. Any ideas


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First of all, nightly builds vary a lot in quality so if you're going to install a nightly, you want to backup your rom in recovery so you can return to it if you end up with a stinker. If the issue started with this build, you may want to restore your backup, then try a different (newer) build.

If you're updating from CM7, you want to format data (factory reset) or you'll end up with issues. I'm guessing this isn't the case with you. Periodically they will recommend a data wipe for certain builds, but I'm not aware of anything like this recently with CM9. They did require you to reinstall gApps a month or two ago tho. Again, I assume this isn't your problem, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

A lot of things can cause wifi issues with CM9.

CM9 on the Touchpad appears to work better with:

  • router channels set between 1 and 6. Use wifi analyzer to pick a open channel. Don't use "auto".
  • wireless g (not wireless n only--turn off 5 ghz)
  • TKIP encryption (not AES)
  • ^^^ These things above require you to view/change your router settings via the admin page, which you can view from your computer.
  • your time has to be accurate. I use clock sync to set my time every day.

Eyeballer's CM9 builds have newer drivers that may work better with wifi.

More help on the issue here: [ISSUE] TouchPad Android Wifi Issue Thread - xda-developers


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I ran into this the other day too where Play Market wasn't working. I reflashed 2 different versions of gApps before I noticed the time was off.
I noticed that I did still have wifi issues, but only in my house. I'm using a WEP Security Mode, not sure if that would be the issues. Everywhere else, work (WPA) and 4G Hotspot app on my phone (WPA), doesn't seem to have issues where the wifi drops.

I noticed yesterday when I tried to download the latest nightly, and it wouldn't constantly drop the connection. I even reinstalled clock sync, and its was offset, it seemed to resolve the issue, but it again dropped the connection after 10mins. I then switched to my 4G Phone hotspot, and it downloaded (though took longer) with no connections drops.



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And ofcourse i didn't check the other forums...:D
Just found this: [ROM] Official CyanogenMod 9 Nightly Build Discussion - CyanogenMod [HP Touchpad] - RootzWiki - Page 96

Hopefully this will work, so far its great a work, connected to any of the WPAs

... and you didn't see these, a few posts above yours? :D

Looks like its been included in today's ROM update. : WiFi issues... - HP Touchpad Experimental Mod - CyanogenMod Forum - Page 4

I upgraded ROM, wifi seems great. But clock sync is still activated, so I need to test with it off.
Nothing against your post, but this is a new fix? Because the one for 0509 is for the older driver, this is fix for the newer wifi driver? idk :D
So far its working better.


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I believe you are correct. I didn't check the links very close.
I even get confused if there's two blondes in a movie. :D


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More on the wifi update...

[ROM] UNOFFICIAL CM9 Nightly Builds - HP Touchpad Android Development - RootzWiki - Page 145

Eyeballer said:
The new wifi fw you see merged doesn't affect users yet. That is for a different set of wifi drivers that are still under development (jcsullins and others). Connectivity seems to be better with the new drivers however it increases battery drain significantly. If you're interested in trying a testing version of it stop by the IRC channel. But for most users you'll just want to hold tight until the bugs are ironed out.

Eyeballer said:
So jcsullins has been hard at work (as usual!) on the new wifi driver and now has a build ready for testing with a wider audience, so we'd appreciate some feedback so that eventually this can be merged for everyone.

To use this you must be on nightly 5/13 or 5/14. Please update first then flash this in recovery:

The driver is designed to sleep when not needed although will wake if something needs to pass through - so what you set in wifi policy is irrelevant and won't make any difference. It's "smart" and battery life seems very good so far.

Please test and post feedback good or bad on your experiences. People who have been hitting wifi issues are especially encouraged to help provide feedback.

Mixed results from wifi update, mostly positive.