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WiFi issues with GNex

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vladguan, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. vladguan

    vladguan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi All,

    Ever since getting the GNex in December, 2011 with ICS and now the JB), I have been having WiFi issues with it. It is not that I am losing connections etc and am not moving about when using it. I am siting down within 4m of the WiFi router. Randomly, when I try to refresh GMail, Email, navigate to a new URL via new tab using the default web browser, it just sits there forever refreshing (in gmail and email) and the blue bar just hangs with approx. 5mm length in portrait view in browser. With the browser, I have to continue to refresh to eventually get the page to appear or for the browser and the mail clients, to launch the task killer to kill off everything and then they all work immediately.

    There have been numerous times when I am using it to post a article in forums, that if I forget to make a copy of the text first, chances are that I have to kill off everything and re-enter the text, make a copy, cross my fingers and then submit.

    I noticed when it hangs, the built-in WiFi symbol is at full power but there are no arrows or H or G overlayed. I did see when playing with WiFi Fixer that it keeps reporting bad signal and attempted to fix it.

    This never happens with normal 3G data. I have tried WiFi fixer on its own with no luck. I have also tried Smart WiFi and Best WiFi Keeper together with no luck.

    Anyone know what is going on?


    P.S. We also have the following devices with no issues with the same WiFi router:
    1. Wife's Samsung Galaxy S2 with 2.3, 3.1 and now 4.2.
    2. Daughter's Samsung Galaxy Note Tab 10.1 with 3.1 and now 4.2.
    3. Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop with Windows 8.
    4. Asus G73J laptop with Windows 8.
    5. Friend's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with 4.2.

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  2. mogelijk

    mogelijk Android Expert

    Is your router in "stealth" mode, where it is not broadcasting its SSID? If it is, that may be the problem. While there are some security sites that claim that your router is more secure if you don't broadcast the SSID, that isn't really true. More to the point, it can often cause problems in the devices you are wanting to connect with, like the GNEX, as the standard calls for the router to broadcast the SSID.
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  3. vladguan

    vladguan Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i am pretty sure ssid broadcast is on. its a dlink dir632 and wifi scans picks it up as dir632 as set by me.
  4. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Sometimes, but not always, changing the channel on the router will help fix a lot of issues between the router and a cell phone.

    Have you tried setting a different channel?

    Just an FYI; no need to sign your name in your posts as your name appears on the upper left side of all of your posts. ;)
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