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WiFi issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DJPellegrino, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. DJPellegrino

    DJPellegrino Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just purchased 2 intercepts for my wife and daughter. (Intro to Android). I'm on the list to get the Epic...

    On my daughters phone, when I enable wifi...it appears good to go. I set it up for my wifi system at home. It sees my home network, just will not connect. Admin logs on the router indicate it was denied access. Can't figure out why. I set the router to Mixed 802.11N & 802.11G with WPA only and then with WPA2 and cipher of AES/TKIP. Won't connect. I even put a DHCP reservation in the router for the phone's MAC address and assigned an IP. I have tried the advanced settings on the phone to use that IP as well as letting it get one automatically from the router. Both no go. It is a DLink DIR 615 wireless router. Any additional suggestions?
    OK, I'm a bit dumb here...I forgot to add the mac address to the mac filter! Well, at least I know the router is filtering by mac address. So this issue is resolved...but not the one below...

    Now my wifes wifi won't even stay on. Everytime I turn it on, the check mark appears for a little while it is scanning for networks. Then a popup window indicates it is unable to scan for networks and turns the wifi off. Anyone seen this before? Any settings I may have missed? Help please...Thanks much
    Started playing with the MSID...well not playing, but basically re-entered it and rebooted the phone. The wifi turned on and connected to my home wireless immediately. I love it. Hope this helps someone else. Now I don't have to factory reset or call sprint!

  2. megabiteg

    megabiteg Android Enthusiast

    Well about your second issue there I would strongly recommend a factory reset (caution this will delete everything on the phone) and if that doesn't work swap out the phone, that way of operation isn't normal.

    Now have you atempted to. Root that phone? Because that sounds like a common behavior of a rooted intercept.
  3. DJPellegrino

    DJPellegrino Lurker
    Thread Starter

    No, I have not rooted the phone. I was planning on calling Sprint tomorrow to see what steps they have to offer and possibly swap out. Factory reset? What is entailed with that? I'm new to these phones andfeatures. Is there a listing somewhere that shows some of the different key presses and what they do? Thanks...
  4. megabiteg

    megabiteg Android Enthusiast

    A factory Reset does what it says: Resets the phone to the exact same state that it was when shipped out from Samsung (in this case). That means that anything from personal data to 3rd party software that is existant on the phone is deleted and replaced by these settings.

    The way you can access this command is by following: Settings - Privacy - Factory Reset. Caution! as mentioned above, this will delete all data / software you have placed on the phone, please perform a backup if you need to conserve anything in specific.

    The reason this command is included on the phones is because the phones sometimes suffer of OS corruption of some time of errors that don't go away with a simple reset or pulling out the battery, sometimes it just needs a fresh start. If the problems persist after perfomring this command then you may have (in most cases) a defective phone and you should contact Sprint / manufacture in this case.
  5. DJPellegrino

    DJPellegrino Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info. I appear to have been lucky enough to get it working by redoing the MSID. When I was on the phone with Sprint activating the phone, we went thru some steps that I wrote down. We eventually got the phone activated, but it felt ackward in the process of doing it. So I went back into the settings last night and redid the MSID and now all appears to be working. Don't really understand the correlation between the MSID and the wifi, but I'll not complain. BTW, I really like this phone. Been playing and setting these up for my wife and daughter. They like them very much as well. I'm still stuck with my instinct until the end of the month when the Epic releases...can't wait....:)
  6. ymmie

    ymmie Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem with the wifi scanning then turning off. How do I reset the MSID aka MIN correct? What would I set it to?
  7. ymmie

    ymmie Well-Known Member

    Nevermind. I went ahead with the reset.
  8. Sparrow728

    Sparrow728 Lurker

    I am having the same problem with my Samsung Intercept ... actually it just happened today, I had been using the wifi for quite some time now and now today its doing that "can't scan" thing and its driving me crazy ... I will do the factory reset only if it will work and my phone is not rooted.

    It was working fine right before it stopped. Alos my phone keeps telling me my phone storage is full and its not, I deleted a lot of my apps to clear it but I am unable to do it. And my Amazon mp3 keeps telling me its full and it will shut down ... I have never purchased any mp3's from Amazon but I have downloaded music for my ringtones and I did download an internet radio app as well but it kept falling off then I installed Pandora which I think caused me a lot of problems so I uninstalled it but am still having issues ...

    PLEASE HELP !!! I can't afford to use my phone other than to wifi it ... I am flat broke and can not afford any service or a new phone. Any help would be most appreciated !!!

    Thank you !! :)


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