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Wifi keeps disconnecting

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gavindeadman02, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. gavindeadman02

    Thread Starter


    When i'm connected to my router at home via wifi, the connection randomly drops from time to time. My laptop and TV is fine which are both running via the internet. The setting is set to stay connected always, even when the screen goes black.

    Does anyone have a resolution for this? Perhaps static IP? if this is the answer, what should the settings be?

    Many thanks in advance for your help, it's much appreciated


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  2. Patty990

    Patty990 Lurker

    Mine does to any ideas?
  3. manxape

    manxape Newbie

    mine has been doing this since the upgrade. I've contacted SE and I'm waiting for a response. Will let you know when/if I get a response.
  4. mrgolfrider

    mrgolfrider Newbie

    When that happens on my Vibrant, the only thing I can do is reset the router and it fixes the problem.
  5. TheManWithAPlan

    TheManWithAPlan Well-Known Member

    Wel ive kept this as a backup altho iv never had a problem with wifi.. hopefully its of some use to u guys
  6. manxape

    manxape Newbie

    Just heard back from them and all they said was do a reinstall. So I did still had the problem so I switched off the phone took the battery out left it for 30 secs turned it back on and lo and behold the problem is solved. If only all this phones problems were that easy to fix.
  7. cwepruk

    cwepruk Well-Known Member

    Mine kinda sucks. I have the switchpro widget and I will press it on 2-3 times sometimes with no luck. If I go to settings, it will say "unable to start wifi" (WTF), but one press is settings and it almost always starts back up.
  8. gavindeadman02

    Thread Starter

    That's what mine does too. It disconnects randomly but then when I go into wireless controllers then one press on wi-fi settings and it always starts back up.

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