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Wifi Login page won't load...STILL

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by joegrano2010, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. joegrano2010

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    Okay so this is an ongoing problem, I have seen multiple posts regarding it, but it seems as if there was never a solution, and the person stopped asking.

    It started with my HTC G2, and trying to log in to the wifi here on a military base in Iraq. The wifi provider directs us to a login/password page and we enter info then we are connected.

    My netbook, PC, and people's iphones can bring this login page up with no problem. The HTC cannot. I also now have an Acer A500 tablet running honeycomb and it faces the same thing, will not load log in page. The HTC is running stock 2.3.4 and the Acer is running stock 3.1 Honeycomb.

    Things I have tried
    Opera mini set to desktop / iphone / ipad / android
    Firefox (same)
    Dolphin (same)
    Used stock browser after changing to desktop / iphone / ipad options respectively

    Entering the login http: addy manually into browser
    entering Google and hoping browser redirects as every other non android device has no problem doing

    I finally walked to the main office where the wifi contractors work, and it will connect to that wifi access point only, and pull up the login page, but will not do it at any of the other 30 access points around the base, including the one in my room.

    Can anyone, for the love of all things holy, explain why this is happening? My PC netbook and others iphones will connect to all access points and access login page, only the android devices suck at it. I have received some ideas, but none of them have worked yet.

    The network admins do not understand a thing about networking so when i asked them they were of no help. Again, it seems that if an iphone 3g can find a login page, this 300$ phone or tablet should be able to do it. Is that too much to ask? I have found multiple questions regarding login pages not loading on android, but never an answer or idea other than those above that I have tried. No one ever posted after and said "HEY! It worked..thank you" I am guessing because it never did and they got a crappy iphone or ipad.

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