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General wifi my lg boost mobile marquee working

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by steve5980, Mar 25, 2012.

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    WiFi Tether Your Android Tablet to Your Cell Phone (hotspot) - LG Marquee Boost Mobile Example

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    Greetings Earthlings and Android Fans....
    Just posted this to my blog and wanted to share a text version here. Check it out if you're looking to tether your tablet to your cell phone. I tethered my Thrive to my Boost Mobile LG Marquee.
    From: Kaio's Klassroom: WiFi Tether Your Android Tablet to Your Cell Phone - LG Marquee Infrastruct...

    Want to tether your tablet to your cell phone, but Ad-Hoc got you down? How about trying this nifty little tweak that got me up in running in a jiffy!!

    I recently got a new LG Marquee Prepaid Phone with Boost Mobile @Amazon[​IMG] and I really love it. Only problem is, I was spoiled with my last phone because it was rooted to support Infrastructure tethering and I had no idea how difficult and unusual that was. I've since done some research with my new Boost Mobile LG Marquee, and after a little trial and error (and some lucky Google searches) I have successfully tethered my LG Marquee to my Toshiba Thrive tablet!!!

    Here's what I did:

    Mandatory Disclaimer - The following information is for informational purposes only. Proceed at your own risk!!! Rooting will void your warranty and could "brick" your phone if you do something wrong!! So if you damage your phone, or any of your tech, that's on you.

    NOTE: If you don't have an LG Marquee, just search "your phone model" + "root" and you should find plenty of information specific to your phone. There's always people wanting to do the same thing you are, so it's just a matter of finding the information that's already out there. Once your phone is rooted, come back here and start on Step 2.

    Step 1 -- Root your LG Marquee (You do NOT need to root your Tablet)
    The following information was taken from LG Cell Phones Blog and are for the LG Esteem, which is a generic root mod.
    > Enable USB Debugging on your LG Marquee: Go to Settings > Applications > Development > Enable Debugging and check the box.
    > Download and install the LG USB drivers at: LG Cell Phones Blog You want the file "LGUnitedMobileDriver_S4981MAN32AP22_ML_WHQL_Ver_3. 2.1_2.exe"
    > After installing the USB drivers connect your phone to a PC. On the phone, pull down the notification bar at the top of the phone's screen and click on USB Connected. Set the phone to Internet Connection mode (CHARGE ONLY not Mass Storage).
    > Download "LG_Esteem_Root.zip" at: LG Cell Phones Blog. Unzip the file and double-click on the run.bat file.
    Note: Kaspersky Internet Security will flag this file as a Trojan: "Exploit.Linux.Lotoor.ag" I don't believe this file is a Trojan, per se. I believe it's required during the root process. When I let Kaspersky eliminate the file, my phone wouldn't root. So I decided to run the root program on a secondary computer, just in case. I disabled Kaspersky temporarily on that computer, and ran the root zip and my phone rooted without a hitch. I later scanned my phone with Webroot Security and AVG, and neither found any viruses on my phone, so I believe the process is safe. Technically, rooting your phone probably does involve a Trojan hack, hence why Kaspersky flags that file. However, I must reiterate to proceed at your own risk.
    Just in Case -- How to Unroot Sprint LG Marquee:

    Use root explorer and delete superuser.apk from the /system/app folder. Go to the Android market and download and install super user. Use root explorer again and delete su from /system/bin. Go to the market and uninstall super user. Do a factory reset & you will be back to square one.
    Step 2 --
    Verify that you have properly rooted your phone with this nifty free app: ​
    Root Checker Basic

    If you did everything right, you should get a message that says "Congratulations, this device has root access." If you fail to get that message, go back to Step 1.
    Step 3 -- Download the Android WiFi Tether for root users app

    Currently, the only version of Android WiFi Tether that worked for me was 3.1-beta7. The newest version doesn't work properly with tablets, so be sure to get 3.1-beta7. Here's a link and QR code for easy access: WiFi Tether 3.1-beta7 apk

    Step 4 -- Configure WiFi Tether app:

    I've tried many settings, but these are the only ones that have worked. Start the app and grant Super User Permissions. Then Click Menu to get into the app's setting. Inside the Settings, do the following:

    > Change Device Profile to: Samsung Galaxy S
    > Change Setup Method to: Netd (Master)
    > Enable WiFi Encryption: Check box to Enable
    > Change Pass Phrase to: any 13 digit password of your choice.
    > Change SSID to: any name of your choice.
    > Change Channel to: 4 (2427mhz)
    > Disable Update Check: Check box to Disable.
    > Click your phone's Back Arrow to Exit back to the app's Main Screen
    > Touch the WiFi button onscreen to start tethering.
    > Grant Super User Permissions

    Note: If you get Error Code 67, Click Dismiss. If you update, I don't know what will happen; my guess is it will disable the ability to tether. But if I click Dismiss, my tethering is Enabled, and works perfectly.
    Step 5 -- Grab Your Tablet & Start Tethering

    > Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Check the box to Enable WiFi > Click WiFi Settings > Under WiFi Networks, find the SSID for your tethering app that you entered in Step 4 above. > Click on the SSID of your tethering app > Enter the 13 digit Pass Phrase you created in Step 4 above and Click Connect.

    That's it! Congratulations -- your tablet should now be tethered to your cell phone!

    Now that you're tethered to your cell phone, be smart, and DON'T download a ton of gigabytes. Just be smart about it, and you should be fine. Remember, tethering to your cell phone probably goes against the terms of service with your cell phone carrier, so DON'T abuse the privilege.

    Now that you're the envy of all your friends, why not test your data speeds: SpeedTest App - FreeMy data speed test results with my Toshiba Thrive tablet tethered to my LG Marquee:
    Download: 855kbps Upload: 302kbps

    That's pretty great for a 3g no-contract cell phone with unlimited data.
    Happy tethering everyone!
    Go forth and Androidify!
    this is not my work just passing on the info:cool:


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