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Wifi not auto connecting......

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by richb82, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. richb82

    richb82 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    For some reason my wifi no longer connects to my home network automatically. I need to go in to the wireless settings then in to the wifi settings menu itself, where I'll see my network "Not in range-remembered" for a second and then it'll connect itself. It wasn't like this a few days ago, and I don't think this happens at the 2 other wireless networks I frequent, I'll try and remember to check tomorrow when I drop off my son at the in-laws.

    I deleted the network and added it back in, still no auto connect. I rebooted the phone and it connected once, then after I turned off wifi and turned it back on, it went back to needing a manual connect, which it really isn't even that. It just doesnt want to connect unless I go in to the wifi settings.

    Anyone have any idea why it'd be doing this or have any other ideas to get it to stop and act normal?

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  2. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    Started happening with me too. Not sure why, since I didn't change anything...
  3. azide

    azide Newbie


    Incredibly frustrating, using JuiceDefender, I'm constantly changing radios and its essentially ignoring my available wifi.

    edit: Can't delete post, but it was SubSonic causing problems. Launching it seems to mess it up wifi, even after a force close. Rebooted, wifi was fine, launched subsonic, killed it, wifi broke. Rebooted, uninstalled subsonic, wifi works fine again.
  4. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    Mine just started working again with no obvious changes.
  5. 1967ls2

    1967ls2 Well-Known Member

    Mine does the same thing. ******ed...Why have a wifi toggle on the power control widget bar if every time I click on wifi I have to go into the settings and look for it there...
  6. jumperpin

    jumperpin Newbie

    These phones need lotsa clean contiguous RAM to initialize WiFi. Active background apps or even recently closed apps don't help here. Wish I could provide more precise metrics.
  7. FilBrian

    FilBrian Newbie

    I've been having similar problems. It all started yesterday when my wifi would not connect when turning it on. I will go into the settings and I still can't connect. I tried forgetting the network and then tried to connect. Still nothing. I have no clue whats going on.

    Aside from all that, my phone just seems to be acting a little odd over all. I scanned for viruses. Nothing. I wonder if some app is doing this. Any insight would help.

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