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Jun 21, 2010
So I just got the Bionic today, and I noticed something a bit quirky and I wanted to see if everyone else was having the same issue. When I had my Droid Incredible and I would connect to a WiFi network, it would connect, show the WiFi icon, and then the 3G icon would disappear. But tonight, when I turned WiFi on with my Bionic and connected to it, the 3G/4G icon DID NOT disappear and stayed on while I was connected to WiFi. Has anyone else noticed this?

Also, a side note. Is there any way to turn on the am/pm in the status bar clock? Not that it is a big deal or anything.
I actually miss the black notification bar and green icons on my rooted og Droid... damn blue! Going to have to get used to it.

I miss the black/gray with green icons on my Droid Incredible :( Not a huge fan of the blue to be honest, but you get use to it.
Mine is doing that does the mean it is still using 3G....I was hoping to use HDMI dock and be able to watch shows (netflix or what ever) in my room using the bionic....
I actually miss the black notification bar and green icons on my rooted og Droid... damn blue! Going to have to get used to it.

Not for long, mon cher, modified roots unlocks and roms will soon be underway.

We are on day one of the release, after all.

Be patient, grasshopper!
My bionic is doing this frequently and the 3g icon is blue. Im afraid this is eating up my battery....anyone know why the phone is doing this?
My 3G goes away, then comes back and then goes away - but my battery has been in the phone for 6 hours now and it still shows 100%, so it can't be eating that much battery. 'm guessing it may be just reestablishing the connection / making sure it is still alive.
Keep losing 3G, never issue with Droid which replaced or our other Verizon phones at the same location, very annoying
I think some of you might have OCD more than I have it!!! :eek:

Just because a silly icon doesn't disappear when you expect or want it to, doesn't mean that it's eating battery. So far, I'm impressed with the Bionic's battery life, and I only expect that it'll get better.

FWIW, my 3G icon stays BLUE, but the arrows stay dark, as to suggest that 3G is indeed disabled.
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There is a market app called DataSwitch that can turn off data (3g and 4g) when you have a good wifi signal. The data icon goes away. Easy to toggle on/off and it runs as an app, not a service.
The EVDO and LTE and wifi radios are independant. The operating system iptables decide where to get data from. I think I like talk plus data.

Used Tango today too over 4G with my wife to settle on what pots to buy, "Do you like these? How about these stainless steel ones?" Worked flawless. The trick with Tango is to turn down the audio volume a bit so you don't get feedback. Her Fascinate doesn't have a FFC so I can't tell if that damn boyfriend is there again. :D
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first fone did the same. wifi and 3g were on in notification bar
second fone when wifi is on the 3g icon disappears.
couldnt for the life of me figure out on the first fone if wifi and 3g were both connected since both icons were present. not good
another bug for ya....
wow, i thought i was the only one having this issue. My phone would drain faster on wifi than it would on 3g/4g when I was out and about. I downloaded the data switch app and the 3g/4g icon disappeared. Maybe that's why i was getting such horrible battery life. It was connecting to both and draining the hell out of the battery. What a huge bug. Very disappointing.
my conculsion is that the radio is still infact on because if you go to status it shows the mobile network as still connected when on wifi it should be disconnected.
It is on with other phones too but the icon doesn't show. The cell radio does not turn off. Otherwise you wouldn't get calls. Calls, sms and 3G are on one chip. It just doesn't use 3G to send data. Changing the iptables to use wifi instead of 3G has the same effect as disabling Mobile Data. Try What Is My IP Address - Shows Your IP Address with wifi on and off. You'll see that the ip varies.
I use the free mobile data switch app on the droid bionic to turn turn off 3g/4g. Works fine. Wireless can beswitched off in settings. I think without the app when both wifi and wireless are on, the phone switches to whichever signal that is stronger.