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Wifi not working

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lewa, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. lewa

    lewa Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys.
    It stopped working about two weeks ago. I've been using this ROM and JIT for several months.

    I can't connect to my or any other wireless network. It says "obtaining address" and never goes anywhere after there.

    Ideas? Maybe setting a static IP would fix it, but I'd like to get to the root (pun) of the problem.

  2. AdrianC14

    AdrianC14 Android Expert

    Wipe and reflash ROM.
  3. lewa

    lewa Member
    Thread Starter

    I won't take that as dogmatic either, it seems to be the only kind of way to deal with the Eris.
  4. Well thats the easiest way to troubleshoot it, you reflash the rom, then if it still has issues, you can try going to factory default, with no root at all, and if that doesnt work, then I would go to VZW and get it replaced. Or you could uninstall every app you have installed and see if it works with them gone.

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