Help Wifi not working


I have had this phone for about a month and it seemed great for my first android phone. I upgraded from a Razor. So big improvements there.

Yesterday my wifi stopped working. I will go under wifi settings and turn it on it will try to scan, fail, then turn wifi back off. I cant seem to get it to stay on.

I have tried taking battery out, shutting off phone a few times, putting it on airplane mode for a few mins then turn that off. Nothing seems to work

I installed a few apps that i thought i would need.
Zedge, flashlight, app brain, some games, wall papers, recently ATK

I am unsure of what else to dl for this phone, any suggestions?


ATK is probably your problem.Drop it like a bad habit, & save yourself a LOT of future headaches.


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i downloaded that after. I ended up doing a factory reset and that seemed to work. Was able to save most of my apps when it restored.

What other apps do you guys recommend?