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wifi problem connect to router no furthur

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wizball, May 20, 2011.

  1. wizball

    wizball Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Strange one this
    I can connect my wifi to my router but it will not download data.
    It was working until a day or so ago fine.
    I have not changed anything on the router.

    The problem started when I used power save mode to turn off the wifi as that seemed to cause a problem I stopped it doing that and the wifi started to work again.
    The following day and now I cannot get the wifi to download data although a trace route shows it reaching my router.
    I have download some apps but none of those are active.

    Router is a draytek 2800G

    any suggestions welcomed I have been pulling my hair our over this.

    many thanks

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  2. Spewy

    Spewy Well-Known Member

    I Get this too. Only work around that works for me is to toggle wifi off and on then it works for a short time then stops. Very weird. I have been using power save as well.
  3. Jozudave

    Jozudave Newbie

    I'm having the same problem. It tells me it's connected, but then doesn't actually load pages. Hadn't considered power saving (which I also have on) so I'll try turning that off and see if connection works properly today.
  4. Jozudave

    Jozudave Newbie

    It seems to be connecting better now. No idea why it was having problems before. Oh well, at least it works!
  5. fatbrown

    fatbrown Lurker

    I was having similar issues kept having to turn wifi off then back on again seems to have been resolved by the latest firmware update.
  6. mattiasbe

    mattiasbe Lurker

    I have the exact same issue. It connect to my Belkin router at home and is listed as 'connected', but I don't get internet access. If I switch Wifi off and then back on again it works for a few minutes, but then goes back off. I never used the power saving mode, so that was not the problem.

    I actually had the exact same issue with my iPad 1 a few months ago, but that was fixed with a firmware update.
  7. babsy01

    babsy01 Lurker

    my s2 is the same i have tried every thing,
    entering in static ip and still wont work hopfuly a firmware update will fix. Samsung havent herd of it before????
  8. eswar6280

    eswar6280 Lurker

    Hi,i too face a similar problem ,my wifi connects for a while then later my device could not able to access internet through wifi.it was sorted by downgrading the router security from WAP/WEP2 or something to first level security then it works charmingly in my SGS2:):):)
  9. taprat

    taprat Lurker

    This little problem had been pissing me off for 2 weeks now, we had upgraded to a Virgin 30MB connection router, which we then run into an apple time capsule that emits our wifi connection. Anyway, my phone would disconnect after about 10 mins from the internet, I knew this because as an avid whatsapp user, everytime I tried sending a message, I wouldn't get the green little tick saying it had been sent, also when someone was last signed in never showed up despite the fact that my phone said I was connected to the internet.

    Anywhoo, after downloading a torrent of wifi programmes that apparently lock onto your wifi, that inevitably didn't work. I came across this little gem called..."wifi reconnect" (Its image is like a little green arrow pointing North east, thats emitting a signal) so far it seems to be working, on the app it creates like this log that you can check, it also disconnects and reconnects whenever is receives no signal. (I dont really understand the mumbo jumbo technical bullshit behind it. It does make my battery drain by about maybe 3% faster a day though, but if anyone can make a smartphone battery last more than a day they deserve a medal.

    This is my two pence input. Hope this works for you lot, I was on the verge of swapping for an iphone before sorting this out.

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