Feb 6, 2016
I have HTC desire 600 phone, which have probelm of wifi. it wifi not connected to my home wireless Router, while wifi of other phonein home is connected.When I trie to on wifi it show error message. Then I press three dot. it show only one function (advance) active while other five functions unactive.

So I reset factory setting. but after that it still not working.
Thanks for reply.
No other message, but just show error. They make two or three attempt for connecting, then written message 'error' come.
Thanks for quick reply.
this problem is with all Routers, problem is in my phone, I mean its wifi not becoming "ON". while all other function of my phone is properly working. Is it problem of phone hardware of soft ware. so what i can do.
If you've already tried a factory reset it's not likely to be software (unless you are using custom software, or immediately after the reset restored the app or data that was messing you up).